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Thursday, October 2, 2008

The StarT of My HoliDay DecoRatinG....

Well here is the start of my halloween decorating..I got a wild bug after yesterdays photos to start is a work in progress..there is still so much that I want to do..gotta get some cornstalks..white pumpkins..maybe a mum plant or two..and I still have to put lights up...but I ran out of extension cords..I swear that I get more every
that is a cat bed by the way...the kittys snuggle in all winter long and on the days when it rains too..

love the crooked lamps..they are my them at Joanns...

Here is a kitty cat scarecrow...gotta have my cats you even lights up...see the little witch bag on the is motion sensitive and talks..scares ya if you aren't ready for it..

Here is the inside of the house..I think I am missing decorations..thought I had I guess I need to go searching..the witch in the center on the top is one my best friend Kimmy made me..she has boobs..and they droop..a girl after my own heart..or

here is a scene in the entry way on an old witch and her cauldron and her book of spells and her 8 ball..and her trusty kitty slinking around her feet..I made the wax ornaments on the tree..they are black licorice scented witches...and my witch hat over my lamp...adds a nice ambience...

here is the corner in our dining room...a vintage metal cart that has an outlet built in and it works..I got these potion bottles as Hallmark a couple of years ago..

and I baked this german plum cake today...yummy...if you read back a few blogs to when we went apple picking this was one of the desserts and it is the easiest recipe...and is so good..I did cut the plums in 3's as they were a little big..more bite sized...I used the spring form pan and it says to cook it for 30 minutes..I think it could have done well with 25...anyway, I have got to get my projects done and out the door before I go back to Utah for a take care..and I will be posting more of the house when it is done and will take pictures at night so you can see everything lit up...:)


  1. Lovely blog & an adorable house! I love the color! Neat crooked lamps! :)

  2. Gina,
    Now I love your porch even more!!...all decked out for Fall!
    I plan to be done crafting for my show tomorrow, so that I can finish putting my fall decorations out.
    I'm working on a surprise for you, so check your email later tonight or tomorrow.

  3. Lookin' right spooky, sweetpea!! LOL Love the yellow house with the red room inside.......:-) You've got style, honey...

  4. thanks girls for the nice complements..I can't wait to see wha you have for me Cindy...are you all packed and ready to go?I can't wait to see your decorating...have a good one...did you see that Raggedy angel got a new embroidery machine..we got another one in our web...mmmuuuwwwwahhhhhhhh!!!!lol...

  5. Gina,
    Your surprise is waiting for you at your email inbox.
    Yes, I did see where Raggedy Angel got an embroidery machine for her birthday. She had left me a comment on my blog awhile back... saying the you and I were making her want one. I wished her a happy birthday and told her that she will get hooked and be crazy like us about machine embroidery!
    Well, we might have been crazy already! LOL...