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Monday, September 29, 2008

It'S MonDay and tHe KiDs

This was dinner time last night...Sunny in the foreground and Po-Po in the background...Dinner in this spoiled or what...We don't even eat in
Pody (aka po-po, pumpdelisous, p0-pump, pumkin) didn't even bother to stand up..she was content to just eat laying down..that is her favorite spot on the bed...

Sunny got a towel as she is a sloppy eater..she mostly eats the sauce and kicks around the she gets a towel..she takes after her daddy...messy marvins..

Here is Gracie May getting in the box that Karen gave me full of fridays post...

Here is 3 of our chillians all asleep in our bedroom...Sunny, Millie and po-po in the window...

and here is Pody on her sheeps skin rug doing the naked dance (this is how most kids are photographed on a sheep skin rug naked laying on their tummys) well ours are no she was enjoying the first fire we had the other night...and she loves being on that rug..heck they all do when there is a fire...they just take turns...

I got this photo with a joke and had to share it with you all..It is a Norman Rockwell painting if he had done one of rednecks at thanksgiving...too funny..
Well we have a big day as soon as Mike gets home from the Home Depot..we are staining the front porch..sanding and pudying up holes and painting the posts on the back porch railing...mowing the lawn, burning weeds..blowing out leaves that are em..but I hate the mess they hope your week is off to a great start...take care...and until next time....


  1. That picture cracks me up too!

    Sweet kittys you have:)

  2. That's funny. I am not alone in the world. YOu and I have way too much in common, girlfriend~ LOL

    Kitty Concierge :)

  3. Nothing like eating in bed!! You have such cute kitties and I'm sure that they aren't one bit spoiled. LOL..
    I finally got pictures up of the tote-bags on my blog...for some reason I couldn't get into my blog all morning.
    Give the kitties hugs and kisses from me.

  4. Those are some spoiled kitties you have there!!!

    That picture is great :)

    Have a wonderful day!