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Saturday, September 27, 2008

ShoPPinG aNd An AwEsoMe suRprIsE in tHe MaiL

Well Friday was the shopping spree from Heaven! I left my house at 10:45am and got home at 7:30pm...Needless to say it was a long day..but a very eventful one...I stopped picked up meds. then headed to Pacific Fabrics where the fabric above that is shiny and the black witch fabric and those "lolipop" binding came from...
Then I headed to Fred Meyers and went clothes shopping as I wanted some new stuff to travel back to Utah 2 pairs of pants and 3 tops and some makeup...then off to my friend Pia's house to pick up some Marykay that she had..(she gives me her discount) can't beat that..

Then I headed off to favorite store where I got some cool tuile (?) fabric in the photos below to use as over lays for doll dresses..The shiny stuff haven't decided what I am goin go use it for..might just put on the table as runners for right now.. I also got some different orange paints, some machine oil for my serger...(its been a while according to my bestest friend Kimmy....she gave me her old we are going to service it runs like a well oiled also got some more trims for doll dresses and 2 magazines...haven't decided if I will take them on the plane or read them now..I have so much to get done before I may wait and enjoy them on the plane..
Then I stopped at Michaels and got one more window cling to go with the 2 others..this is the bats..I can't wait to put them up...I also got some more floral cones to use as hats for my dolls...

I got that sweet witch fabric that is going on my last halloween doll that I have started...but I still need to finish 2 other dolls right now...but I am so excited in using this on her along with one of those tuile (?) is a closeup below of them..

Here is my jacket that I am turning into a halloween jacket..but ran out of seam I had to stop at another sewing store to see my best friend as she had one the same color and gave it to we visited and I must say I want another sewing/embroidery machine and their prices are sooooooooooooooo much better then where I got mine at...and so are the I know where I will be going in the future...

Then after saying good bye to "My Kimmy" I headed to the grocery store...Let me tell you I had 45 minutes to shop cause they were closing at 7pm..I was done and had 5 minutes to spare..I was just running through there like I was in a shopping spree...welll not that drastic..but it did sound good after unloading the groceries I noticed a package sitting on our dining room I take a peek and it is from Karen Salters...whom I did a halloween swap with back in August...for the group we belong to...I had so much fun spoiling her...but I think it was I that got spoiled....she sent me the NICEST Thank you gift ever!!!!!!!!!!

here is the package I opened just before all the Goodness inside...

Here it is all opened up! and what an awesome Surprise! OhMyGosh Karen you out did yourself and you really shouldn't have..but I am so happy you did...

Here is the nicest note that she wrote to me...and yes it makes our little group all the more special...

Here are all the goodies out of the box..a cute little kitty doll..that smells so yummy...a bookmarker..I love it and need one..little note cards. a pad with a cute pencil that says hugs and kisses..some vintage buttons from her stash...I will keep these seperate... and a cute cat quilt book...and some of the cutest fabric and some of has cats on it...and cute little raggedy tags...and some dove mint caramel chocolates...they are heaven in a little what a way to end a big day come home to a wonderful suprise! Thank you again so much Karen.. you made it all worth it and then some...
Well today is absolutely gorgeous! so of course we will get the chillians out for a romp and then to work on the deck and actually get some stairs put back up...gotta work in the rails..getting them sanded and repainted to re will be a lot of work..but will look so nice in the end...then tonight we are (the ladys in our ward) are going to the stake center for a women's conference and a nice I need to make Mike a big pot of soup so he is takin care of tonight...hope your Indian summer/fall is a gorgeous one...
Ta-Ta for now! :)


  1. Everything is wonderful, the cat doll is so cute love her dress.

    Your friend certainly thanked you very well:)

  2. Yes Rondell she did indeed...:)makes me greatful for the friends that I have met just by is so much fun..and I look forward to checking each and everyones blogs every day...

  3. Isn't it great to have a succesful day of shopping? And the to come home to the swap thank you! Lucky girl!

    We are in the middle of a nast rain storm - out bands from Kyle so it is a lousy weekend outside but I always have something fun to do inside!
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  4. Hi Gina..

    I love that Halloween fabric !.. Can't wait to see the dollie.
    Looks and sounds like you had a fun time shopping.. I love magazines .. lots of ideas and inspiration from the pages..
    Have fun in Utah..

  5. Hi Gina,
    Wow, it looks like you had a fun day!! I love all your goodies...and aren't surprises soo...much fun!! Sending you an email about the black Halloween cat pin. I do the blanket stitch on my dishtowels by machine.
    I've had a busy day of putting embroidery on tote-bags and will have pictures to show soon.
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.
    Hugs, Cindy

  6. sounds like a sucessful Day ....and great goodies ! beth

  7. Love the cat doll don't you just comming home to a surprise box to open.Do the kitties like to go in the box,my lot do some of them even sleep in them even though they have cosy beds, but you know what they are promise to post pictures of my kitties but you know what its like to many blogs to read.Take Care~Kate~