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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

WhaTcha WorKin on WedNesDay...

Hey there Everyone! This is what I have been working on for the past couple of days...Two Witch dolls..One is for an order and the other is going on ebay hopefully this weekend..I love sewing and making dolls..I have a 3rd one in the works..I just love surfing and getting ideas...but I truly hate paying that much for a pattern...especially when they are E-patterns..just me..but if I can make it I will just do it I created a witch doll today...and I got her head done..and the rest stitched..just need to stuff em..
Today my bestest friend in the whole wide world came over to help me with some hats...geez louise are they easy..but I hate reading patterns (not doll patterns) but like simplicity etc...and I don't like the paper and their is so many and it gets so confusing sometimes..but the hat above we converted using 2 patterns and we like it better...she is also teaching me how to use my Serger that she gave me..holy cow are those things weird to thread..she did teach me a cheaters way of doing it..but they are NOT straight forward at threading...but when it goes...they are so much fun to use...still gotta put the ties on it..(this is actually a test one...wanted to see what it was going to look I am making a pink one with a Skull on it for Jenny...hope you like it..:)

and for some reason this picture is blurry..but you get the drift..this is the first fire of the season...I was hoping to find a kitty or two sleeping in front of it..they are in our bedroom all asleep...gotta love sleeping babys...

This is going to be us before too long..actually this is us...all together in bed minus the umbrella, the chicken and the dog...just me, the hubby and the kittys.... and it is raining outside...I just love this photo..they are all happy and snug and they are together which isn't that what it's all about?
have a great rest of your wednesday...:)


  1. Gina,
    Can't wait to see your witch dolls when they are done.
    The fire looks so cozy! It's been in the 80's here but is to start cooling down starting tomorrow. I can't wait...I'm so ready to wear my sweatshirts.

  2. it's still too hot here for fires, but I'm looking forward to them (at my in-laws house - I don't have a fireplace.... sniff).

  3. It has been wet and chilly here today...we heat with wood to! It is the best...I have back my booty up to something warm in the winter.

  4. Hi Gina, I'm sorry it took so long to respond, Jennifer Carter has been helping me get started. I can be a little slow and she is so patient with me. I am glad you liked what you see. I will progress.



  5. OOH I just want to lay on that furry thing by the fire!! LOL Hey, I do LOVE The hat!! Awesome, better than expected! HUgs~

  6. I LOVE all of your kitty pics!


  7. Those witch dollies are going to be adorable!!
    Don't ya just love your wood stove?! Man, I love ours! Not only are they cozy lookin', they keep ya toasty warm! :> )