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Saturday, September 13, 2008

You haVe UnTil MidNiGht SunDay

Hi there Folks you have until Sunday at midnight to place your bids on some wonderful items to help with this worthy cause. Please check this out and see if there is something you just have to take home and know that you are helping in some way! This is a silent Auction. Here are some funnys for you to enjoy about my favorite animals in the world...these are soooooo my kittys..have a wonderful Saturday...taking 2 of our furrys to the vets to get shots today...then hopefully going to go and do something fun...The weather is gorgeous and I need to unglue myself from the computer for a while...take care! :)


  1. Sweeeeetttt, chickee!!! LOL

  2. Love the cartoon strips Gina! So realistic, I could relate to the lady trying to type a letter with the tail and cat in the way! A couple of times I have been typing away on the computer and the cat has stepped on the keyboard and the email has been sent before I have finished it....LOL
    I've just done a cat post on our blog too - I'll need to take some photos around at Marion's for you too.