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Monday, September 15, 2008

Well It's MoNdaY!

Here are some cute cartoons that my friend sent me..and they fit each and everyone of our cats to a T! I am sure they do yours too...
this is how my car kidding folks know that we are cat people because of the paw prints..and the fact that I have 4 stuffed kittys in the back window...dead

This is Gracie in the morning..when she is hungry..she will walk acrossed us in a slow (and I swear she ways a million pounds when she does this) way till we get up or she gets tired and lays down for a while...

oh yes! they do adapt so long as there is a lap involved...sometimes 2 at a time....I swear I have the magic lap cause my DH wants to put his head on my lap too..and when he does...we all snooze...
Not much going on...trying to finish up a doll to work on some more..get orders done hubster power washed the roof yesterday..and oh was it filthy...looked like black dirt and moss all over the that was my job to rake and power wash everything down below...the house looks brand new again..really needed it too..he is also finishing the back deck, just got the stained wood today for the top...oh this is going to look summer we hope to enclose this porch to make it a sun room...can't wait for that one...the kittys will love it the best I think...well that is it for me..hope you all have a wonderful week is glorious outside September when it's like this...if only it would stay all year round..those crisp mornings and evenings..and the wonderful sun in between...gotta love it...the leaves are starting to fall..not my I am in the only one in my neighborhood that gets rid of them...and they aren't even mine to begin with...oh well...
Ta-Ta for now...:)

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