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Friday, September 12, 2008

I goT my BloG givEaWay From the Ole SoFtee...

Hello there, Look what came in the mail blog give-a-way from the old softee herself..Pam!... He is just adorable..he is going to look so cute out with all of my christmas goodies..I love his safety pin arms...and his little scrunched up nose...nice tip on the candle too...I have so many candles that wobble and now I have just the fix for them..she took some hemp ribbon/twine and wrapped it around the bottom of the candle..and it just slips in the stick and wahlaaa! stands nicely...Thank you also for the beautiful card..very nice indeed..
Here are some photos I have taken recently of our kittys basking in the warm sunshine...They just love chasing that sun around...This is our oldest at 17..this is our Otto Bisquit...he's purring while I take this..he has the loudest purr motor ever...

This is Sun E Buns...all stretched out in the hallway...just warms ya, doesn't it...

Here is my po-licous! gettin a love from the mama...She is the gotta love the baby! she is just so soft...Oh I wish I could just curl up in her fur...I'd never leave...:)

and is what I found in the hallway yesterday...Sunny, Millie and Otto...snoozin in the sun..I just love these em all...Hope you all have a fantastic weekend doin whatever you do..Tonight we are going to an awards ceramony....Mike and the neigbhor Drew won ribbons at the fair for the beer they guess who is the designated driver..yours truly...don't there you have it....On another note..I went to Aunt Mannys Blog and she asked if anyone wanted to swap items...I said SURE!!! I love getting stuff from we are swappin our far she has sent me 2 e-patterns and she is making me a Cat Candy dish cool..I am not what she is gettin...maybe some embroidered pillows...and some other I am excited to get that in the mail...take care and if you can't be good at least be


  1. What a sweet surprise! And that sunlight looks soooo inviting for a little nap. Fall must be in the air!

  2. Aother one that makes me laugh " I a big scary monster", so cute!!!

  3. I love your winnings!
    And all your babbies are so sweet and wonderful.....gotta love em!

  4. Hi, i always visit your blog and mean to leave a comment .I just love all your kitties,i have 8 2 live in the house the others only come in with little presents. you know what i mean the furry kind.I used to foster feral kittens for our local cats protection league it was very rewarding work after you have gained thier trust and hear them purr for the first time its a great feeling ,and of course working at the vets all the odd balls came home with me.I must take pictures of them all when they come in i think cats and chickens are so peaceful to watch.cuddles to the kitties~Kate~