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Friday, September 19, 2008

PotiOn BotTTles on Ebay...

I embroidered this yesterday..I can't wait to put it on my halloween jacket that I am also going to embroider...I embroidered this onto irredescent fabric or you don't need to, to give it that cut out lace effect...looks like velvet to me...this is going to be a faux pocket...I couldn't resist this one...



Here are my potion bottles that I have listed on ebay Great items for you your halloween Decorating..gotta head to the neighbors for breakfast..we almost got the deck finished..and today we have rain...don't know if its going to let up or not......ahhhh such as life...have a wonderful weekend...I get to stay insided and sew...yyyiiipppeee...:)


  1. Those are adorable! And wow on the crocheting! That looks hard!

    My Harvest sign is OLD - like 25 years old and the local shop is closed. It's really just an old board with Harvest stenciled on it in black with white edging, a small pumkin painted on one side, and some grapevine stapled to it. I probably could make it now in an hour!! LOL

  2. Thanks so much for explaining that. That is so cool! I hope you'll take a pic when you get in on there. What a neat idea!!

  3. I will most certainly take a photo of my finished jacket...These are called lace designs and I have some to make for ornaments..they are so much fun to do.:)