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Friday, September 19, 2008

I've BeEn TaGged! It'S aLL abouT ME! :)

First off Mandy and Aunt Manny's Creations made me this halloween Kitty cat dish..We did a swap a swap and she made me this wonderful cat dish and gave me 2 e-patterns...I am so happy and excited! I am trading her some of my little halloween pillow tucks and some other goodies....Thank you again Mandy...I will feel like the kid in the "candy" store...she says it will fit the big bags of candy...I can't wait to be able to use this this year...

Today I was tagged by Rondell of TomatoeCreek Prims and I have to give you 6 things you don't know about me...This is going to be tough...but here goes:

1. I don't know how to swim...deathly afraid of the water...nearly drowned twice..

2. (these are tough..I am really having to think about these)...I don't like math....wasn't a good student...too social for my own good..would rather visit...then study...

3. I love to make people laugh...just get my best friend Kimmy and together...we are total goof balls...but we know how to laugh at our selves..

4. I can make fart noises with my hands...I know great talent huh..I should take it on the of like the "cow bell"...

5. I don't know how to Knit..although I dreamt once that I could..did try as a small girl..but I am totally uncoordinated for it..but I am amdidextorious with other things like cutting hair...and cutting in general as I am a south paw..and had to learn...

6. I am a procrastinator....will put off as long as I can..but when I get going look out...its just getting me for the fun part..getting other ladys out there to do this...I have met some really nice wonderful ladys lately here goes..

Mandy of Aunt Mannys Creations

Beth of Raggedy Angel

Linda from behind my red door

Char of the pickled pepper patch

my good friend Cindy of Cynthia lee designs. She has become my newest and dearest friend on line..we both have a passion for machine embroidery...

Brenda of Rusty Creek Primitives cause she carrys a big

okay that is it for me today..gotta get 2 dolls stuffed and ready to paint...take care and have a fantabulous weekend....tonight we are going to our next door neighbor neighbors house for Duck and I don't know what else..but it should be yummy for my tummy....we have our own little co-op..we are always doing something with these guys..we love to play cards (phase 10) to be exact and Uno...and we always cook...and If I bake they always get some and visa versa...Tomorrow we are off to make apple cider..homemade..I can't wait...almost lit a fire last night...there is a definite nip in the air...and our babys feel it as well..I think they would love a nice fire...



  1. Oh I love that kitty! Lucky You!

  2. I am pretty lucky...but mostly because I have met some pretty great folks here blogging..and you are one of them...:)

  3. LOL - I had a tough time coming up with the first so I am going to have to pass on doing this one again but I appreciate you thinking of me!

    It's so nice you have neighbors that enjoy the same things as you - I wish we did!! Have a great weekend and save some cider for me.

  4. Thanks ..this should be want me to drag my skeletons out of the closet or some of em'! Beth

  5. Just wanted to say Hi and nice Blog.

    Stop by and visit sometime....

  6. Great job on the tag, it's nice finding out more about our blogging friends.