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Thursday, September 18, 2008

This Is Me to a T! UnstoPPaBle...mosTly...

This is me to a T lately.... once I get going....I'm like Jim Carrey....SOMEBODY STOP ME!...and other days...I need a boot to get going...

Man I need to make a doctors appt..been getting the little hot flashes where you feel like you will burn up from the inside out...and your skin feels clammy cool to the touch...don't like feeling this I hate getting old...I seriously do... my mind still feels young and hip whilst the rest of me has stepped on that any one feel that way too. Well got some stuff posted on ebay..Hope it gets better...alot of folks have said its been we shall see...gotta lot of stuff to get done before I head home to Utah in October...take care and hope your day is UNstoppable...:)


  1. Yep, I know where you are coming from:)
    Thanks for stopping I always enjoy everyone's comments.
    Have a great evening:)

  2. Yep, know it well, sweetpea!! Get to a doctor, turn the a/c on and don't open your mouth to hubby!!! It won't be purdy is ya do, sweet chick!! ;-)

  3. Honey...You are in the company of some fabulous women! LOL!! it just sucks.

  4. I think I am heading toward that time to....I really was hoping they would come up with a cure before I got there!LOL
    My Blog header is header Is in my shop...Thanks! Beth

  5. what did I say header...header, I think it is time for me to go to bed! Beth

  6. I feel like the little chubby fellow too. If my body could keep up with my thoughts my house would be super clean and I'd get a million projects done!
    I love your cute little witch and the potion bottles!

  7. thanks for the compliements..the bottles are still getting done...soon...and Yeah I am the chubby little fellow in that picture..but my house is clean..just need to work on more

  8. Haha! I love the pictures! My first thought was, "how did she get that picture of me??".:)
    I will join you in the ranks of woman who may, at any moment, spontaniously combust. Living here in AZ makes me sweat even more! (our last A/C bill was over $300! Ya, I have a problem!) Anyway, your blog is so cute! I love all your fun prim things...
    I am SO glad you stopped by my blog so I can add yours to my faves!

  9. Hi Gina,
    I've tagged you, stop over to see:)

  10. Yes, I am the same not menopause yet! lol Somedays I am crazy productive and others know.

    Love the lioness roar..heehee

    I am looking forward to menopause, just cus of these hormone headaches I get. Maybe I should not be so excited about the hot flashes...