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Friday, September 19, 2008

BrEakFast at TiFFanys,,,er WiNnieS

This was what we had a Winnies and Drews today ....We actually had this on February 3rd of this year and this is the photo of it then...But they fixed it again today.. minus the is so good..The recipe comes from the Barefoot Contessa so if you like buckwheat pancakes and hardboiled egg salad and smoked Salmon..then this is for you...very filling and satisfying...yum...tonight we are going to make homemade applecider..I can't wait...and I just won an expresso Maker for Mike for his birthday...he Loves I just need to learn how to make em...I don't drink coffee..but love the smell of maybe I can make hot chocolate with thats my style...will have to ask Winnie as she is the one that found it for us on line..and she makes them when we go over to pretty excited about that..they normally retail for about 250-500..I got it for $86...not bad huh...


  1. Throw out the caviar and I might just eat one, sweetpea!!

  2. No girl can't mix my fish with my breakfast, I need some grits Honey!

  3. Looks different...I don't think I've ever heard of it, the caviar would have to go though:)

  4. I noticed you asked about Tai Pan.
    It's just north of the 90th (9000)south exit in Sandy on the South side of the road. It is easier if you enter the parking lot on the west side on the side street as 90th becomes its own little freeway at times:) It is not too far from Gardner Village which is on 7800 South. Have a fun trip!