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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

SwaPpinG GoOdiEs.....

Here are some towels that I just of the machine...They are on dyed towels in a bright yellow..I am trading with another fellow blogger Raggedy Angel she has some cute stuff and I asked if she would like to trade and so these are going to a new home...I love these new Primitive designs..they are so much fun to do and turned out so neat..Hope your day is going well..gotta go paint the back portion of our house where the new deck is never got painted out when we changed the colors on our house and now that the old rotting deck is gone..going to match it up and protect it...taking the babys out with me so they can enjoy their day...looking for the puurrrfect leaf and bug watch and birdie watch...have a great tuesday..


  1. Oh I love those ......they are perfect!!!! Beth

  2. Those are wicked cute, girl! I'll have to have you make some for me before we move back into our own place.

  3. Beth glad you like them and Heather just let me know...have a good one...

  4. I love those towels! thanks for entering my 100th post giveaway, good luck!

  5. Oh Gina, those are too cute!!! I knew you would love those prim designs. I'm going to purchase some more of them for the dish towels that I'm doing up for my big show in October. My dish towels sell really well there. I do prim ones, Fall and Christmas ones and always come close to selling out of them. I have one lady that collects them, puts them on display and tells her hubby not to use them or else!! LOL.. I still can't figure out what she does with all of them.
    Take care,