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Monday, August 25, 2008

A WoNderFul BloG giVe-A-WaY on My FrIenDs BloG

My Friend over at Tomatoe Creek Prims is having a wonderful giveaway with the items you see stop by and sign up and maybe you could win...(I am hoping I do) am..I love these...have just the place for them....


  1. Cute giveaway, thanks for the heads up. Sorry about flaking on you Saturday. I forgot it was our family celebration dinner for my mom graduating from BYU and in my flurry to get ready I totally spaced calling you. Forgive me, please! eek!

  2. Gina,
    The stuff in Rondell's give-a-way is so cute! I've been reading her blog for awhile but we just recently been chatting.

    I've never heard of the store Six Star before. I don't think we have any around here. Let me know how the embroidery does on the napkins.

    The two designs that are my orginal ones are machine embroidery. I haven't been selling any yet, but hope to soon. Most likely in 2009 as I'm still learning to do them. I recently got a drawing tablet for my embroidery software, so that I can draw right in the hoop on the computer screen. The two designs on the jars were hand-drawn, then scanned, and then digitized. So as soon as I learn to draw really good on the tablet, I hope to start selling my prim designs.
    Got to get thru these craft shows first.

  3. You have a cute blog. Thanks for entering my 1st giveaway I had. Take care.