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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

DiGGinG in The GaRdeN....

Heres what I did yesterday...I painted the back portion of the house where the deck used to be and picked potatoes in the garden....and all the other stuff that's not supposed to be in the garden...this filled up my huge longaberger fruit basket...yellows and reds...I love fresh in the garden potatoes...nothing like em...

Here they are after I cleaned the dirt off of them...we still have wild tomatoes and our articoke that is blooming..they are beautiful to let go to flower so to speak...I picked arugula last night too...what a huge mess but it was easy to clean up..made homemade arugula pesto with fresh basil we have growing too..needless to say we had pasta last night..made enough pesto for 2 more dinners..freezes nicely....this is the best...
going to start Jennys towels today so I can finally get most of her order sent off to her...still looking into that u-haul for you a wonderful day...


  1. I really want to try growing my own potatoes. The problem: I kill things.

  2. potatoes are so easy to grow..just plant in nice soft dirt kind of mound it..but make it loose and water...they are beautiful plants and have pretty little white neighbor is growing a purple variety and the plant is amazing...has purple veining in the leaves and stems...

  3. Oh...I was I could grow potatoes....I know.... when you move in with can grow potatoes and clean for me! So when will you ba here?


  4. YUM!! I had no idea you were a farmer. that is so cool. you must have had fun digging them up!

  5. Cat and Jennifer you too crack me up...potatoes are so easy, they just need lots of sun and water...and nice rich soil..we love growing stuff in our garden..made arugula pesto from our arugula..our tomatoes are just starting to ripen...mike uses miracle grow on them once a everything is doing well..I love playing in the dirt and that is how I got the potatoes out..with my bare hands...too fun..just wish the old back thought it