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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

RemBeRinG SuMMeR aS A KiD...............

How do you remember your summers as a kid?

I loved being able to sleep in to when ever we got out of bed...having a big bowl of cereal with lots and lots of sugar...cause you know it all seeped to the bottom and that was the best part of the cereal...all that yummy sugary goodness...watching cartoons, the big money movie at 2pm...watching dark you all remember that one...loved it...loved all the 1/2 hour sitcoms...still do...habit I guess...watching tv with mom and dad and having to watch what they watched...all in the family, gunsmoke, the jeffersons, one day at a time....I can stilll hear Edith Bunker singing the opening song....

Loved being able to stay out as late as we wanted really as long as we stayed close we'd all go to the house at the end of the street and sit out and talk to all hours..just telling jokes, and giggling...the last day of school usually ment a huge water fight with water balloons and ones filled with shaving cream...oh that was so much fun...I loved the smell of the lilacs in our backyard and picking some to put on the kitchen table for dinner..freshly mowed lawns in the mornings...with the dew from last nights watering...riding my 10 speed around and being the only one with one..

Going to the 7-11 for a huge slurpie (I'm not sure that's spelled right)...anyway you get my drift...long walks...building forts out of old appliance boxes... playing with lincoln logs..and making houses with little driveways..would do that for hours...playing with our dogs...and my sisters many cats when they had kittens...putting up peaches and canning them...used to hate I love it...with all the syrup from peeling them running down your arm and being all hot and sticky cause the stove would be going for hours...but then reaping the rewards come winter..yum...Now I just do the freezer much easier...Did you have a lemonade stand...we did and I remember one time we got so bored cause no one was stopping that this car did and we yelled for it to stop..well it scared the crap out of all of us that we went running to hide...needless to say it was all good...:O) remember the ice cream truck and Yelling: I scream you scream we all scream for icecream at the top of your lungs... and the music and waiting for them to get to your house and afraid my dad wouldn't give us the money in time and being so impatient that the truck would never get there or that they would pass you they could miss us..we were out in the

We also had a candy store across the street at our neighbors house..she had 2 big metal pantrys just full of penny candy...and my dad would give us a buck and it would give us a huge bag of candy...oh those little red swedish fishys...that was a favorite as well...
Tell me how you used to spend your summers...:)

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  1. Yea, I remember alot of that....anything seemed possible!