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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

SoMe MoRe ShAriN & OrDers FiLLeD!

I thought I would share some more photos of our home with you all...this is the sunny side of the house..we grow Hopps...I love em for the decorative element..but my husband grows them cause he makes his own beer...just wish he could use those for root beer...its more my speed...the hopps are up over the roof now and climbing...
here is another view of them and the tomatoes and roses....okay have a question we are thinking of repainting our house next year to a red color with white trim...or leave it this color...what do you think?

here are more of our veggies..we have peppers, basil and tomatoes and a squash plant from the neighbors..gotta transplant it...there are a boat load of tomatoes finally and they are starting to ripen...yum...

here is my order that I finished up for Wanda...they are tan stained flour sack towels with the fall/pumpkin designs embroidered on them...I think they turned out really nice..

another view... so if any one out there wants some towels made for themselves or gifts just let me know..I have an array of colors...purple, orange, tangerine orange (a bit more orange) dark brown, charcoal gray, marigold yellow...I have alot of neat designs to choose from...

here is my Sunny E bunny (my little craftin buddy sitting with me while I was making these towels...

isn't she a cutie....loves being with the mama...cause I am the "Lunch Lady" after all..and she knows what buttons to push...gets her way every time...
well got nothing done today..cut a young gals hair today from church...and then I took a nap on the couch...will pay for it tonight when I can't sleep..and we also have a bit of rain today...much needed too...more of a drizzle really...but every bit helps...
hope your tuesday was more productive then mine..maybe tomorrow I will embroider on some towels...or sew...
Have a wonderful evening...:)


  1. Just found your nice blog! Will be checking back often from now on!


  2. I love your towels with the pumpkins. I also have an embroidery machine and dish towels are one of my favorite things to put emboidery on. I've been doing alot of primitive folk-art designs on them lately. I found some really nice country folk-art looking towels at Dollar Tree in red, green, and mustard gold. It actually sursprised me, but sometimes I find some great things there. I don't always think about going there to check if they have what I'm hunting for.

    Love the photo of your cat watching the machine embroidering. My Yorkie-Poo always wants to sit on my lap while I'm at the machine.
    There is nothing like mama's furry babies!

    Happy Sewing,

  3. Paint it RED...
    Love the towels...and I know are the credit goes to your helper kitty! Beth

  4. Gina,
    Thanks for the wonderful comments on my blog and adding me to your favorite links. I've been reading your blog for awhile now and you have been on my list. It will be fun to share ideas with someone that is as crazy about embroidery as me.

    I had 2 sewing/embroidery machines, Husqvarna Viking #1 Plus and Designer 1. The #1 plus is the one that is not working and I got the Pfaff sewing machine to replace it. I used to work in a quilt shop years ago and we sold Pfaffs. I traded my old Pfaff in when I got my first Viking sewing/embroidery machine. I've missed the built in dual feed.

    Been embroidering on the Designer 1 and doing all my other sewing on the #1 plus for about the last 5 years. If the one is fixable, I might sale it to my niece. She started sewing when she had a little girl about 8 months ago and is in love with my machines.

    Take care and hope to chat with you again soon.

  5. Gina,
    Thought I would get back with you while I wait for my niece to come. I'm giving her a lesson on doing button holes today.

    I've embroidered on alot of different things. My new favorite is doing primitive folk-art samplers and framing them. For my craft shows I've been ebroidering on sweaters, blazers, and denim shirts, skirts, and jumpers for several years now. This year I'm doing embroidering on purses and tote bags instead of the clothing. I've done alot of embroidery on baby blankets and towels for gifts. And I made and embroidered a wedding dress and a few prom dresses.

    I will post some pictures of some of the items that I've done either later today or tomorrow depending on how late my niece is here.

    I forgot earlier to tell you my favorite embroidery design sites. I have purchased alot from For the primitive folk-art designs, my favorites are HeartStrings Embroidery and Mad Woman Embroidery. I have links to them on my blog.


  6. Paint it red! Paint it red!!
    Back in the early 1900's the area I live in was well known for their hopps!
    Your towels are wonderful!! Your lil' furry sweetheart likes to supervise! :> )

  7. yeah she loves to be with her mama and also to get a snack....I just got some really cute prim embroidery designs..I am so flipping excited about using them...on what..not sure...but they sure are cute...okay so I have 2 for red...I think we may go towards that as well...cause I know me..I love to decorate and I love red...

  8. Gina,

    I laughed so hard that I thought I might cry when I read the last comment you left for me. So happy to have helped you find some new embroidery sites the have prim designs that you love so much that now you hate me! (Hee-Hee) I knew you would love them and get hooked, cause that is exactly what happen to me. Can't wait to see what designs you got and what you put them on.


  9. Oh I love my towels you made me!!! I'm so excited to get them!!! I want orange ones for my halloween ones!!! I just love your work!! Thanks Gina!

  10. I like the towels. COuld you make some on a darker fabric. I get stains on them from our latte machine. Maybe beige, sage or burnt orange?

    That would be neat~