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Thursday, August 14, 2008

It'S bEgiNniNg To LoOk aLoT LiKe HaLLoWEen and ChRiStmAs!

I just got some really cute prim designs and this is the first one I made...I love her Stuff. The site is called Tattered Threads she has the cutest designs...Off to work on something else...
I also made this cute trick or treat bag with some other designs and made the banner parts on the trick or treat glow and the inside of the pumpkin glows in the dark...and then I put green and black rick-rack around the upper edge of the bag...Thinking about listing these on you think the bag will be a big seller? say for $12.00 each...


  1. What kind of machine do you have?
    You Have got me wnating one now!
    Love that! Beth

  2. Gina,
    I'm glad you went to Tattered Threads as I forgot to mention that one to you. It is also one of my favorite sites for prim designs and I have purchased several from her. She also has her designs on and at Twigs-n-Sprigs website. Love how the snowman came out!

  3. Oh that is great to..No I don't have a Joanns close by. I will have to see where the nearest one is! Thanks! Beth

  4. Just added you to my favs, I enjoy looking at the pics of the kittens so much, I especially love the one "big scary monster".lol
    Love the work that you do too!