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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

ReTaKinG PhOtOs and My LiTTle HelPer, StaNLeY!

This is Stanley, social butterfly aka kitty cat!...He thought he would help me re-take photos of my dollies today...He loves to help...He is such a little stinker and is so soft and can almost mold can see the dolls in the background awaiting their turn...
He just loves to help and loves being out doors when we are out there.. he reminds me of a little owl..he has such a round little face...and he bounces too...light on his feet.

here he is helping his dad on the ladder no less..He climbed up this ladder 2 stories...he is a little monkey...thats the dad man helping him down the ladder now...

so hopefully with all the photo re-shots..this will help..I am going to call Jenny tomorrow and get her help with adobe photo shop and hope that she can help me get set up...take care my blogger friends...have a great day!:)


  1. Bad kitty cat, bad, bad, bad......climbing up all that way! Hah....ain't they funny, chickadee....

  2. Gina I love your cat! Oh now you can add I want hats too. Love this stuff! Thanks again for all your help! Hope you check out my blog too. You get the feel of my taste too. Thanks again Wanda

  3. That is so stinkin adorable! What a fun kitty cat!

  4. Oh that first photo is like a glamour shot! How adorable.

    I am glad you got your photoshop figured out