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Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm HaVinG an AffAir.....wiTh FabRiC!!!

I am having a love affair with fabric...I never knew what my mom went through when she went to the fabric store...Well I do now..OMY GoSH! I love fabric..and yesterday fabric came from my friend Jenny of Wonders of Whimsy...We did a fabric swap and this is what came...OH I AM IN LOVE...don't want to use it..just stare at it for a while...I just want to lay in it...okay just kidding..but I love all that I got...So Jenny pick your hat, color and design, cause it's on me...I got way more then she this will make me fill way better..
Okay here is all the fabric, I have been trying to sell on ebay...and a couple of times in if anyone out there is up to a fabric swap just let me know..I have loads of it above and if anyone is interested please let me know and we'll talk!
the above fabric I used it as my curtains..still have some in my craftroom..there is alot of it.. you could use it for curtains (swag like) already sewn or table cloths etc..the americana fabric is flannel.. you could use them for curtains in your americana themed house..(I had them for my bedroom eons ago..
the fabric here, the top is stretchy t-shirt like know like jammie knit ribbing has princess' on it..the next navy blue snowman fabric is the sweatshirt kind with the fleece under lining.. and below that is a old fashioned pointsettia looking table cloth fabric. below it is pointsettia fabric..and the red striped is flannel for pjs...
so if any of these catch your eye first come first served...don't want to hang on to any of it...
well that is it for only have 2-1/2 more days to sign up for my blog contest...I added some extra stuff....
take care and have a great thursday...


  1. I completely understand this obsession!!!! Hubs wants me to get rid of it but nooooooo way. I'd get rid of him first! Hah......

  2. Ok sign me up for your contest. I start working on it today. Not sure how I'll do.LOL