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Saturday, August 2, 2008

HouStoN We HaVe a WiNNeR!!!!

Hello there kiddies in Bloggerville,
We have the winner to my blog contest...Sad to say that only 3 people played..Well at least I know who my friends really are...anyway on to the winner...can I have a drum roll please!............
Yes it is Wanda of Cypress Hollow Primitives..We played 20 questions and she got 16-1/2 right..I have thrown in an extra goodie for her...she will have to wait to see it...when she gets her package...
Thanks again for playing Ladies...(you know who you are)...

okay here are the answers to my blog..
born in Utah
favorite color Red
how many cats 8
how long married 22 years
how many siblings...2 brothers 2 sisters and me...
favorite pastime crafting, decorating
best friend Kimmy
favorite actor on CSI thursday... Nick Stokes/George Eads...yum...
latest passion embroidery
favorite decorating holiday... halloween
favorite music is country, but anything really no hard rock, alternative, rap...
favorite saying from Steel Magnolia's olympia dukacis said "you have nothing nice to say come sit by me"...
favorite christmas programs. christmas story, young pioneers christmas and the waltons christmas...
song by bon jovi with my name in on a prayer
who was I named after...Gina Lolabridgita
my maiden name same as actress with first name...Geena Davis
tattoo of? cat
study in college Cosmetology
what branch of military and stationed overseas..Navy and Naples Italy
favorite food...Helloooo Italian in Italy...


  1. WooooooHoooooo! I'm so happy to have new friend and then be lucky enough to win her blog contest!! But, I just have to know the answers to the ones I missed.LOL This was a really fun way to get to know you! I think your definately a keeper.LOL
    Thanks again Gina!