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Monday, July 28, 2008

It's MonDay, Ebay SuckS! and OthEr TriVial StuFF

Well today started off right..We sat outside and had breakfast out on the patio basking in the glorious sunshine whilst the chillians were out sniffing and playing in the grass..they just love going out..yesterday my next door neighbor Amy and her friend Christine were having a garage sale and I became their best customer..although they gave me lots of halloween decorations..I love holiday decorations..I also got this creamy white book case for $10.00...just fit under my open shelves..what a huge to it is a freebie those plastic storage bins.. and all the stuff you see is what's not selling on Ebay!..thats why it sucks right now..had so many lookie loos on every one of my items....and only sold my banner to Jenny...Thanks again Jen...:)
The other plastic bin you see also a freebie..has all of my sheeps wool in all three drawers...and I can offically use my cutting table for what it's intended for instead of just putting stuff on it...I feel so organized now...almost hate to dirty it up...I am amazed at what I have in this room and that it actually just love being organized...

here is a photo of my craft table...where I spend a great deal of time chatting with you out in cyber world...(Connie) that is your blog I was on when I took the photo we will see if she actually reads my

Here is another freebie..A little TV with VHS built I can watch tv again...fits perfectly there too...

Here is Sunny buns enjoying a snack and a visit with the mama...that is my new embroidery/sewing machine...LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a beautiful view outside to the gardens...

Here are some hats I made for my friends at church...they are going on a road trip/camping this week and the mornings are a bit I made them hats to keep their noggins warm...all of the skulls glow in the dark as well as the big spider..they are really neat...

Here is Christine modeling hers that she got..I wanted you all to see what they look like on..

and yet a closeup...she was so nice to model for me..Thanks glows...

here is Amy...she is modeling the spider hat for cute...if anyone is interested in one..let me know your colors and design and I will make one for you...$20.00+ shipping...

Here is the closeup..the lighter color which is purple glows and it is all over in the spider...pretty gnarly spider huh...

Okay our neighbors young friend Steven Becker thought it would be funny to put a "P" in front of our name on our mailbox cause the "C" fell off.. and this is what you now we are the Poopers!...NOT we are the love the I am taking down the 4th of july decor outside so got to haul it to the garage...hope your monday is going beautifully..
REMEMBER: you only have till the 2nd of August to get in on the blog...and only 1 person (Jenny) has been kind enough to she just may win this thing...I may be adding to the winnings too.. since nothing sold...Take care.


  1. That's great that you're the Poopers. I love it.

    Now I have a question for you. Where are your plastic squirting boobs and your No Dumping sign?

  2. oh Britt,
    you can't possibly remember those...did your mommy put you up to this? I gave those up long ago..basically the boobs melted in the back window..and I have never seen any of those silly are in the lead by the have 15 right..give me your ancient chinese secret as to how you got so many right...:)

  3. My little halloween pumpkin, I read EVERY SINGLE WORD you write!!! I'm gonna work on that award tonight also. I'm running outta chicks to give awards to!! I need to expand my horizons and surf more probably!!!!!!!

    BTW, if your neighbor's "B" fell off you could put a "P" on there to embarrass him.......I can't believe I said that!!!!!


  4. HI Gina. YOu need yourself a good back ground for your stuff. Seriously, it had made a difference for mine. I was not selling hardly anything before I set that up. Take your stuff outside, by your fence or lean something against the fence that you can use as a backdrop, so there is nothing else inthe photo but the item that your selling.

    It is all marketing is what my hubby I wish I could fly out there and help

  5. Connie you are too funny..but yes that would be a good one...but I think he has a P.O.Box...he's young...thanks for writing...

  6. Hey Jenny,
    I will give it a shot the next time I put these up on Ebay..Thanks for the great tips...will talk to you soon for help on the adobe thing...have a good one...:)

  7. Bwwahahahahahaha!!!!!! LOL I LOVEE the 'POOPER" mailbox!!!! :)

  8. I came to meet the poopers.Your hats are very cute.They will be much appreciated on someones head,on those chilly nites and mornings. I saw your blog and thought I would visit.I enjoyed your site. Hgus Marie Antionette