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Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's TiMe For The BiG BloG GiVeAwAy!!!

Yeah! its my 100th blog today, so what a better way then to do a big blog giveaway! Here is the big prize giveaway above..the only thing you won't be getting is the basket..just for display only...
Okay here is how we are going to play...I am going to list some questions, and the one who gets them all right or the closest to getting them right wins..I would also be greatful if you would list this on your blog (no extra brownie points here)..just spreadin the word for all can join in on the fun...This contest is for the states only...on international please as shipping is just too flippin expensive...sorry folks...
The prize list is a cat that I made and she has a cloth collar on with a rusty bell that says "PriM Kitty". a quilt that my friend made for me years ago...(this is a regift) I no longer have room for it in my house..It is of cats and kind of christmasy but yet not.. you could certainly leave it out all year long...(you can also give it to someone that loves cats)...There is a T-towel that I embroidered with a sunflower for your kitchen or where ever..A yard and a half of red and black cat fabric...and 3 picture frames that are silver in nature..pretty too..I have a set with my kittys in them...go figure last but not least...some lavendar that I just harvested 3 weeks ago and you get the vintage little jar to go with it..
Okay on to the questions..some of them you will find on my blog..others you will have to do research on and then there will be those you just have to take a stab at.. and hope you are right...I am going to run this till AuGust 2nd at which time I will see who is right and contact you..You don't need to have a blog in which to play..just make sure you give me your email address so I can contact you at which time I will get your address in which to send you your prize..
I will have you email me your answers to my email address, please put in the subject line Blog Giveaway! as some of these will probably go to my junk mail..and I want to make sure you all get counted...
Okay now for the questions...are you you all have your thinkin caps on?
1. What State was I born in?
2. Whats my favorite color?
3. How many cats do I have? (this should be easy)...:)
4. How long have I been married?
5. How many brothers and Sisters do I have?
6. Whats my FAVORITE pastime? (if you all get this wrong...shame on you)...
7. Who's my bestest friend?
8. Who's my favorite MALE actor on CSI Thursdays?
9. Whats my latest passion?
10. Whats my favorite DECORATING holiday?
11. What's my favorite music?
12. Whats my favorite saying?
13. I have 3 christmas movie/shows that I watch what are the titles? one is set in the 1800's, the other is set in the 1930's and the last is set in the 1940's... This might be a hard one so I may give hints, you can certainly blog me or email me for hints on this one...
14. What song by BON JOVI has my name in it?
15. Who was I named after? famous dad loved her..
16. My maiden name is the same as this actress..... we both have the same first names..different spelling...
17. I have a tattoo, what is it?
18. What did I study in College?
19. What branch of the military was my husband in? and where we stationed at over Seas?
20. Last but not least....whats my favorite food?
Okay so we played 20 questions...Now go and have some fun...I can't wait to read your answers..
Take care and GOOD LUCK!!!!!

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