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Monday, July 21, 2008

My EbaY oFFerInGs and then SoMe

Hello there Folks, here are my latest and greatest offerings on ebay right now..I still have a few more items to list below..but here is Izzy the witch..I just love her..
Meet Jingles the cat makedo..I love him too...

Here is Boo the ghost and his pal punkinhead....

a big juicy pumpkin....

another Hideous Helga...and bart the bat...she has nice mole

meet Hexe the german witch...

a Witches spell......

witch candle lamp with yummy smelling fixings..pip berrys, putka pods, cinnamon buns and pumpkins and bats etc..I scented with cinnamon how it glows in the background....spooky huh..

a vintage old fashioned looking halloween banner...

Halloween jars to light up your walk ways for all the little nose goblins that come a trick or treating at your door...

more candle jars, small medium and large...

This is Nell...cause she has a nail for a her hand she holds a pumpkin and her basket with a little spider on top..she has a folksyness about her...she has a bat dress on...
I still have to list her, the jars and the witch spells...and then I am done..I am thinking of making some trick or treat bags with my glow in the dark thread.. how cool would that be...and what do you think about halloween gets pretty cold here and some parts get snow for Please give me YOUR thoughts...
Only 1 more blog till my blog giveaway contest...I am still thinking of questions to ask put on your thinkin caps...
Have a wonderful week everyone...:)


  1. Although, halloween is my least fav holiday - excepting the candy! - I think your items are adorable! Keep up the good work, chickie, and we'll see you in a magazine someday!!

  2. Those are so adorable!!! I love every single one, they are so creative!!

  3. Gosh, you have been busy!! wow. They are real neat. I hope you do well!

  4. Cute cute stuff!! Are we supposed to be getting ready for Halloween already??

  5. Thank you ladies for the nice compliments! I sincerely appreciate it..Yes Britt is that time to start thinking about month will probably be christmas stuff..there is stuff out there already..we always do these kinds of things in advance...not sure why but we do and I do as I am

  6. How fun they all are! You have really outdone yourself!!
    ps. glad the muffins turned out well for you. I can't keep them around here long.

  7. oh they lasted one day...heeeheheheheee