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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Some ThiNgs I haVe beeN woRkinG oN!

Hello there again, when it rains it pours... I thought I would let you see what I have been working on today..I am making some hats for my friends that are going on vacation next week and they are big Harley enthusiests and so I thought I would make them keep their Noggins warm...the one on the left...the pink one is for Liz and I love this one..the other 2 are for the boys..I have one more to make for the dad....there is also another that didn't get in this shoot..but if you look below...they glow in the dark...just the skulls...This is too flippin if you need a hat made for a loved one..just let me know and get the head I can make it to fit..these are those fitted caps..done in fleece...They will be $20.00 + shipping...
I can put on any design.. I have 7 glow in the dark I can make it all glow..I must let you know that the glow part is pretty much the same kind of green glow..but the embroidery will look really neat...The green and orange on the wings above is neon though and really stands out...It looks like it glows...but it doesn't it..can you imagine someone coming up with a hat that glows...any way...have a great rest of the day..gotta get the chillians out for their afternoon/evening romp..
Ta Ta for now! :)

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