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Sunday, June 15, 2008

HaPPy FatHerS DaY MiChAeL/aka DaDDy

this is margarita in italy..she's italian...
this is Stanley in front (he's italian) and his big brother Otto who is 17 now..

This is Napoli or Nap-a-Pop he too is italian....

This is Mike and the baby...her name is pumpkin and they are eating ribs together...she is a real foodie...she is just our precious girl.

this is pumpkin as a baby when we got her...She was the "EYE" candy at Petsmart and they saw me coming...I couldn't resist her..I didn't get her right away..went home and told Mike about her and how cute she was and the rest is history...we drove back to Petsmart after calling of course to see if she was still there and told them to hold her we would be there shortly...she's our little tomboy...loves the great outdoors and loves her dad...

This is Mike giving the kids some catnip...on the back deck..

isn't this precious...this is Silly Millie fast asleep on her dads shoulder where she spends most of the time...she loves being on his shoulder..we call her our little parrot...

This is Millie getting a horsey ride on the dad man...

This is Millies sister Gracie May...they are actually sisters and they too come from Petsmart...she is the queen around our house hold and she keeps a tight ship...she is only 4 and runs the house..takes after her mommy...:)

This would be Millie and Sunny bunny..snoozing on the dadman...they sleep on either of us...cute huh?

Happy Fathers day to the best DAD in the Whole world... thanks for being ours... We love you!
p.s. mom helped us with this...:)


  1. Gina, looks like a "happy cat-py family!! LOL Sending you another email, sweetpea.....

  2. AHHH, I LOVE kitties. I wish i could have lots like you. LOL Happy Father's day to your hubby..from one of the world's greatest cat another!



  3. Thanks for the fathers day message. wish you could of done it with just kitty photos minus me, you know I can be shy.
    Love Michael.

    P.S. you cabinets are knotty Alder (hard wood) not pine