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Thursday, June 19, 2008

GoSh! Its ThuRsDay AlrEadY!

Here are the 2 baby blankets I told you about that I made on my new embroidery machine. This is the 3rd one actually that I made for a gal at our church, This is their first and his name is Michael.. You can click on the photo for a larger view of it..These were free designs that I got off line and thought they were so cute and they came out a bit coloring outside the lines..
Here is another view of it..I gave the edges a wavy appearance and then stitched the blanket stitch all the way around in blue of course..I got the alphabet for free the juvenile writing...just love it..

here is the 2nd one I made for my good friend Betty for her great grand baby DANICA...I didn't take photos of the first one, that too went to a gal at church with her 6th or 7th child...This has the scalloped edging more for a girl I though...I got these designs from and I love their designs..I so far have bought something every week...slowly going broke..but they have wonderful prices and the cutest designs...I am making scarves now and embroidering on them...great gifts this winter...right now I am making floursack towels with kittys and the days of the week...going to be putting them on ebay..Each day has a different you don't get bored...have some other flour sack items I am going to be making for ebay as check back often on my ebay to see...

here is the rest of the blanket for Danica...I have be commissioned again by my dear friend Betty to make another little girl blanket for her sisters grandbaby Allison...I even embroidered in the center where it says "Sweet Dreams" the month date and year they were born..Great keepsakes for their treasure chest...I will make these blankets for anyone out there for a fee of if you are interested let me know... Well I have alot of ironing to do...(the flour sacks) wheres that easy button when you need Have a wonderful thursday everyone.. We actually have some sun today...and the birdys are chirping away....AAAHHH glorious beautiful Summer...gotta love it!!!!!!!!

sorry here is the rest of Danica's blanket... EnJoy!


  1. That's really cute, my sweet cherub!! You did a great job......

  2. thank you so is so much fun to do...
    smoochies right back atcha...

  3. Those are darling. They look soft to. Cozins (I use cat talk all the time ) ad "ens" "ers" and "insa"

    BOOBOO kittens, cozens, seepens, seepers, seepinsa. Weird I know!!!
    and yes I am 39!

  4. I love these blankies...and please, please, please show the flour sacks too!! Very wonderful and oh so cuddly for the babies!! As far as buying new patterns and doesn't count if your selling your wares (that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!!)LOL!!

    Great work!!