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Thursday, June 5, 2008

BuSiEr thEn A PiG in Poo!

Well hello Folks, it's been a few days so I thought I would drop you all a line and let you know what I have been up to...Got the living room all back to the way it was..short lived was the rearrangement...liked it...but love the old way better...flows better...and I think the kittys like it better too...Well I have been busier then a pig in poo, went to Joanns my favorite store...and got some fleece to make baby blankets, one for a baby shower that was some marathon embroidering there.. I started at 11:30am and finished the blanket at 6:45pm got in the shower at 6:50pm and was out the door by 7:20pm for the baby shower that started at I was only 35 minutes late, but they were all just chatting and eating, so I didn't miss a thing...This is my newest blankie I am making to put on ebay..It is for a GIRL cause of all the pink. Whoever the winning bidder is, I will personalize it with the babys machine has that capability...I am so in love with my new mesmorizing..I could just sit and watch it all day..and good thing I do, because sometimes the thread does break and you got to be right there to fix it..Here is just a glimpse of what is to become..This cute little design took 2 hours to do....but worth it..isn't this just too is a mouse in baby food, then a cute little monkey on a rocking horse and last but certainly not least....a baby kitten...they are all wearing pj's...too flippin cute..I love that new website that I told you about...I bought more designs... I will have stock in that site have bought a lot and so far am very pleased..I get what I want and they are sooooo much cheaper then any place I have gone and it is INSTANT!!! love instant gratification...I bought some sweatshirts as well and am going to work on some halloween ones for this fall and bought my mom one and it is going to have flowers and seed packets around it..I think she is going to love it..I also bought 3 tee shirts so I can do some designs for my husband Mike...I will take photos of it all..I even bought some redwork designs of kittys days of the week..I will be putting them on cotton towels and on the auction block they will go. HI HO Hi Ho...
The weather has been feeling like February here and on June 3rd we had a fire to take off the chill...go figure in June...could use one right now.. but I will just put a sweater and a blankie on me...I will say this has been the weirdest year for doesn't know what it wants to do...getting to wear I would love to move to a warmer climate...If only I could take my house and yard with me...Love my place too much to move just yet...

Lastly, isn't this just the cutest picture ever.. my sweet little pumpkin pie was all snoozy on our bed and she loves baby talk and loves to be loved...doesn't like to sit on your lap though, unless you are sitting on the toilet...I can't figure her out..she loves bathroom time...That is true love when your baby will sit on your lap while you are in making a big don't know why else you would want to be in there...
Well on that note hope you have a great rest of the week...Stay out of trouble...if you can't be good at least be careful...
Toodles :)

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  1. Love the title of this blog entry. You are hilar! Whenever I read your entries I can hear your voice as I'm reading it. It makes me smile you chatter box you!

    Anyway, you've been tagged! Go read my blog and you'll see what you're supposed to do.