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Saturday, May 31, 2008

It'S SaTurDay and OtHer Stuff!!!!

Well now this is definitely my kind of diet! other favorite is: I am on a 30 day diet and I've already lost 15
Here is what I have been working on for the past 3 days..I just love my sweatshirt! This was my first attempt with my new machine without the teachers helping me...I think I did pretty good considering...there are a few changes I will make with the next know learning experiences..but I want to make these (get good of course) and then sell these on my general store blog and on Ebay...I am so addicted to my new embroidery/sewing machine...I am so fasinated by the process to see how it sews it on...anyway I just wanted you to see it..I wore it yesterday shopping and I felt so cute in it...Just love the saltbox houses...I also ordered the bigger hoop for my machine so I can do bigger designs...Can't wait till it gets will take forever all good things I suppose...I found the neatest website for these embroidery designs.. go to and you will spend hours on their site, I know I've been there 5 times this week...and have spent at least 8 hours total there.. you can seriously lose your mind and your pocketbook there...but they have wonderful prices and the more you buy the better the prices get...I got some designs for 11 cents!!! you can't beat that. They have something for if you have an embroidery machine, I seriously suggest you go there right now...through today they have the kitty cats on sale..and they are precious and life like...I added ladybug button holes to the sleeves and a watering can button hole to the those. All the rest are saltbox houses and in between leaves flying in the wind in different colors to represent the seasons...Now I am going to work on a halloween one to wear...all you need is a sweatshirt and cut it up and instant jacket...I am going to make my mommy one too with flowers on it...She is going to be floored as to what my machine can do...its not your old embroider by hand thing anymore...I remember the smock tops she made us back in the 70's and the hand embroidery, it was wonderful... but it must have taken so long to do...I loved those smock tops...which are the baby doll tops of today...course now if I wore one, they would ask when I was I stay clear of

the back view of my design...there bunnys and sheep and a dog and a cat and tigers and bears OH MY!!! just kidding no tigers and bears...

okay now for this fun photo..... There is a story here, so grab a drink and sit for a listen...My brother Mike went on a mission back in the late 70's for our church and while on his mission some of the guys came across this photo and decided to send home photos to their moms telling them they had found that certain someone in their life and not to look at the photo just yet, but let them explain how they found their girl...Well by the time we read the letter, my mom was devestated as he wasn't going to finish his mission...blah blah blah...then she saw the photo and we laughed....the guys had made copys of this...They did sort of get in trouble...but it was all in good fun...I have had this photo in my wallet and I pull it out and show them my brothers girlfriend of way back

Last but certainly not least... My Pride and Joy...need I say more...I show this to people too....I ask them if they want to see my pride and there you gooooo...I hope your weekend is off to a great start...we have beautiful weather in our hood today...going to have the neighbors over for crab legs that a nice gentleman gave to my husband for hooking him up with a boat slip where he works...Pays to be the "Dockmaster" with that we are having a potato salad and that quick and easy dessert I posted a while back...this time it is going to be with strawberry and pineapple...and Winnie is making something with brussel sprouts.. my new favorite veggie...event he produce guy yesterday said I was his brussel sprout's biggest fan...I love em! hated them as a child...oh how I hated that veggie...Now I crave them...who knew? so dinner ought to be deliciouso! and maybe a round of PHASE 10...we love that game...and we love our neighbors...we are a hanging with them...
So did you ever figure out who Ken Lee is? if not watch the video below.......
Have a wonderful weekend...drop me a line and say hi...TOODLES :)

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  1. Hey Gina!! You've really gotten into this blogging thing, haven't you?! I think it's great!! I love that picture - it made me chuckle.

    Hope you're having a good one!!