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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Post BiRtHdaY and OtHer HappEninGs

Well I must say I had a fantastic birthday...Got lots of well wishes from family and friends..First off Mike made me breakfast and then we went shopping for plants and veggie plants as well, gotta finish up planting the garden...We then looked for glasses for him...found some nice ones, but he left his prescription at another day for that..We then went to our local restaurant that we love eating at "Silvercity Brewery" and I got my birthday lunch for free...and on top of that we were using a gift certificate that a nice man gave to my hubby at it was all free and we still have enough on it to use a 3rd time...then we came home and let the girls out to play in the yard...they just love a good romp and to look at the birds, bugs you name it they love it..My too bestest gals from church showed up and brought me a cake and lilacs from their garden and a garden stake and a beautiful card that is in our bedroom cause it matches perfect with my theme...and they sang me happy birthday...On the answering machine my mommy said happy birthday and my little sister Melanie sang me happy birthday in her best Marilyn Monroe voice..Its her signature around 8:30pm some more well wishers called.. This time it was the Shavers...they mom and dad and Isaac and of course my favorite Pasquale...sang me the best happy birthday song ever..I mean these folks can sing, it sounded like the barber shop quartet...just for me too!!! it was awesome.. they sing in church all the time and really have the best voices and harmony and we just LOVE hearing them that was pretty neat...My online friend Chris sent me the cutest, silliest e-card and it had what else kittys in it...set in the midevil times with a british accent that sounded like Mike Meyers...too flippin cute and as they say: I had my cake and ate it too...Thanks for all the well was a fantabulous day..

Okay here is another fantastic recipe that I got from a gal at church..This is soooo dang good and soooo easy to make..

Quick & Easy Dessert
1 can crushed pineapple with the juice. (the 15 oz cans)
1 can cherry pie filling or apple (that is my favorite) same size can
put both in a 9x13 glass dish and mix both together. Spread it out...
Srinkle a WHITE (Dry) cake mix on top
take 1-1/2 cubes of butter and cut pats of it and put all over the top
1/2 cup chopped nuts your choosing. I use pecans and sprinkle all over the top
Bake for 50 minutes at 350
Serve with icecream or whip cream or just eat it by itself...of course with a big glass of cold milk...
tastes like a is YUMMY!

well off to list some more ebay items and go eat breakfast and watch tv... it decided to rain no planting for me..going to chill with the kids today...They love a stay at home
have a great day:)

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