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Sunday, May 4, 2008

My FavoRite PlaCe....My CraFtrOOm!!!

I thought I would take some photos of my favorite craft room
all of my supplies are here and in my Husband, Mike put these shelves in for me last year...don't know why I didn't do this them!

my trusty computer where I sit and surf, look for my buddys, look at others blogs etc. and my craft table where it all happens...

The craft closet...gotta love a walk-in closet.. may be small, but I can store alot of stuff. I got these standing bins at joanns when I worked there.. They come in so handy.... Now you know where I spend most of my the computer in my jammies...thinking of what to sew...speaking of which, I must go and finish up some dollies...Take care and have a wonderful sunday...


  1. Im SOOO jealous, what a fabulous craft room :D Carm

  2. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog, I am in Salt Lake City, close to west valley :D I grew up in American Fork. Yep Artic Circles fry sauce is THE BEST! Carm