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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Its BeeN A wHile.....

Gosh! its been a whole week since I last wrote...not much has gone on...Kimmy and I finished up our garage sale last weekend...would have been better had it not snowed (a tracing) but it was so flippin cold we were bundled up..she was wearing thermal underwear...wish I had thought of that...although I actually wore a turtleneck and a scarf and a warm was still really cold and that poor little space heater was working overtime to only keep one of our legs warm...but saturday was a better day.. still cold but better...but we got rid of alot of stuff that went to the thrift store....infact we went to that thrift store this last friday and saw one of my items...they had it seperated, it was a cup and plate for like a cup of soup and I put them back now at least the garage is a little cleaner and you can actually move around upstairs...does feel better to get rid of all that stuff. Now I am taking a stack of clothes to the consignment store to see what I can get there...and the rest went on EBAY!!! I have about 38 items or so on ebay right now..can't believe what it costs to list 38 items over $81.00... sad really...but that is the way it goes..but I do have some bids on things and it will cover the ebay fees...with a tad left over....At the thrift store I did find a spool holder for my new embroidery thread for $2.95 that was my FIND for the is all hung up now with the thread on it...I love I now have one holder for regular thread and one just for my new embroidery machine thread.. here is a photo of the holder and my new machine...want to sit down and sew...but have been too busy listing stuff and fiddling in my room...its my favorite place to be.. Yesterday I got out and mowed the lawn that took forever cause it was long and the grass was still wet in places and it kept stalling the mower...very frustrating is done...and looks so much better.. I even pulled out our old 50's metal chairs that I painted last year. bright green apple and those chairs and I pulled out a cute little round table and matching chairs...reminds me of a little bistro set and put it out next to my "ANGELS" garden where I can sit and be next to my angels that have passed on...then we went to our next door neighbors and had thai food for dinner...she makes the best Thai food...well she is from she better :) is church gotta run and get in the shower and look presentable for church....and it looks like the weather is trying to be nice today...but they say it is going to turn on us...we are trying to get the garden going...last year it was all planted in March and look where we are today...the 27th of April and we still don't have it done..been tooooooo hopefully Spring is finally here...the Tulips are blooming....the front yard looks really pretty to see all the color and I have alot of forget me knots everywhere in the backyard and all those pretty little delicate blue flowers...oh they make me em!!!!!

the above picture is of 2006's garden in May...will have to take one today of the garden and see how much it has changed...then will post it..Take care and I hope your Sunday is fabulous....

TA TA for now!!!

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