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Monday, April 28, 2008

Who LoVes You BabY!!!

Here is the sweetest picture of our baby girl (one of 8) getting a kiss from her Daddy...just had to share this with you...Her name is Sunny buns...She just loves her daddy and he just adores her...

This just warms my soul...I love watching my hubby Michael love our babies.. He plays with them and is just so wonderful with them..I think this one is his favorite though...and she knows it..sleeps in between us every night...she even nurses on Mikes neck..she just burys her face in his neck and starts to needle and drool...she does love her mama's lap however and that is where you can find her when we are settled on the couch watching tv.... well here are some photos of the front yard and the rock garden we call it.. today is gorgeous and such a welcome change from the rain and cold...took the neighbors dog for a walk and piddled in the yard..pulling up baby maples..hate those and killed all of the dandilions in our yard and the neighbors...there are so many this year already and I don't want to be overrun with them this year or ever for that our yard is dandilion free....yeah!!!
Well I must getting into my sewing I have 5 dolls to make before May 6th and I am going to try to get them I hope your week is starting off right...:)

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  1. Hey girlie!

    Your garden is just beautiful! The sunshine has been nice - although it was on and off all day today. Your cats are very pretty, I just wish I wasn't allergic or I'd have to come meet them sometime. Keep postin'!