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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

HaPPy WedNesday MorNing to YoU!

Well I had this blog all posted pushed the publish button and there was an error...I truly hate when that happens... now I must try to remember what I had written...Here are 3 cute photos that make me smile.. hope they do for you too.
Anyway lots to do today..going to mail off several ebay purchases when it rains it pours...not complaining though as it is going towards my new embroidery/sewing machine.. I just love it.. I am taking classes on mondays to learn it...taking notes is so much fun..I really just want to sit down and play with is it!! and today I am getting my hair cut and colored. "GONNA WASH THAT GRAY RIGHT OUT OF MY HAIR"... my husband Mike let me know that I have gray hair, so it is gone...I don't want to go gray...can't wait as it has been 8 long weeks.. but Robin does a fantastic job and you know when its good when you can go 8 weeks and still look good...then off to go grocery shopping and to to look at more fabric....speaking of which, I have lots listed and various other items go and check them out..the newest way to cute and screams summer..I want to keep it..but will buy more I suppose, if they still have it...
Well yesterday, I tackled the upper portion of the garage for the big sale on friday and saturday...and most of it is garage sale I hope I make a bundle cause then it will go towards that new I just have to price it all..hate that part.. but did find my childhood toys that are going on the auction block..a barbie airplane.. she worked for United you her tent...she did camping stuff in her off time and of course ken and barbie...right now she is wearing a nighty and he is wearing a dickie and pants..great combination huh!!! lol...they have been trapped in the plane for so long and just living on love I suppose...have my crissy doll and her friend with the blond hair... don't remember her name. so if you know drop me a line.. they have the hair that you can make longer or shorter... wish I have that capability...a baby boy beans doll....and an old Mickey Mouse that used to talk...I have had him since I was really young...probably 40 years at least...hope he's worth something...will see..
I hope your wednesday is bright and sunny...we could use some of that here...getting sun...
Take care and ta ta for now:)

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