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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Garage Sale anyOne!

Hi there,

Well I am still going through things and getting ready for the big "Garage Sale" next week...I can't believe how much stuff I have..Of course nothing like the hoarder on Oprah...not even close...but today I went through my craft bins and have a huge craft table full of stuff...going to put this all on ebay...and then what ever doesn't sale will go in the garage sale...Yesterday was a lot of fun. I took a class at my local Joanns at the Viking Department...I just love the gals there and we always have sooo much fun when we go...It seems to be the same group of gals that go and so now we take food and call it potluck wednesday...We made casserole carriers...they turned out so neat.. I used a retro looking fabric that I picked up the other day at joanns and some other fabric, that I have had in my stash...

These will fit a 9x13 or the 8x8 casserole...they are very handy to have.. There is a spot inbetween the sections that is open so you can easily put in your oven mitts if the item is really hot to the touch....I used the thermal batting to help hold in the heat..and I learned how to do basic quilting too..that was so much fun.. so I bought some gadgets for my new machine...and can't wait to use them...I used bamboo purse handles for this one. But you can use old wooden spoons or just wooden dowels...Any way tell me what you think.. I am also making these to order if you would like one.. They are $25.00 each.. you can tell me your colors and I will try and choose something to your liking..

On another note here is our silly girl Pumpkin or Pody as we love to call her.. I was putting stuff in drawers and if there is an open drawer well you know they are going to get in it...she is our littlest one and is a stinker and we love her...she has got to check out everything...heck they all do..

Well be sure to check out ebay. I am going to try to get this stuff posted tomorrow and there is lots of stuff. so you might find something of use..Take care and have a wonderful evening..

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