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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Another KiTTy CauGht In the PinK Robe Snare

I just had to post this as we had another incident of our my pink robe catching a kitty in it's grip...Here is Millie Jean sleeping or rather looking at the camera like "oh hear we go again with the camera" in my robe. I of course wrapped it around her, so she was all snuggled in it...What's a mother to do..I dote on these precious babys of ours all day long...They are the loves of our lives and we just love them so much! They are our world and we love them in our lives..They enrich us so much...We especially love when we are all sitting down for the night enjoying TV and a wonderful fire and they all have their spots either by the fire or on our laps just being kittys and being loved! I just watched my recorded program of The Oprah show on the Puppy mills and it just broke my heart to see these poor animals confined in small cages and never being loved at all...Needless to say, I spent much of that hour crying...I just don't understand people and how they can think they are just like a piece of Corn as Bill on the show put it..Just really makes me sad and angry and they need to out law puppy mills (any type of animal mill) and put these folks out of business and put them in a small pen and see how they like their living quarters...they would hate it...We have always had our animals fixed, cause I would end up keeping them all...While living in Italy we saw alot of homeless cats that we befriended and took food to on a daily basis.. They do not believe in fixing their animals..In fact I had it out with an italian national at the airport on my arrival back home to the states and she couldn't believe I would fix them...I just wanted to smack some sence into her, but knew it would go on deaf ears..Needless to say.. it is sad anywhere you go around the world, animals are just the scum of the earth for some and a meal ticket for others...
I am off my soap box now...
on to more pleasant matters... Yesterday my best friend Kimmy and I went out window shopping and looking for new ideas etc...didn't find much, but we found some really talented artists out there that make me look like an ameteure....Just amazing to see it all..We had a really nice lunch at Magnolia Cafe...we each had a half sandwich and boy were they yummy.. Then we went to Joanns...Love that store...bought some more fabric for ebay and then onto grocery shopping...hate it, but hate it worse when it is raining...but I had my hubby home to help me get it in the house..that really helps today, I am organizing yet again... going through rooms and getting stuff out for the garage sale...amazing how it feels when you finally get rid of stuff. it is so freeing..and it makes room everywhere which is so nice and we need it in our small cottage...So what did you do today? enjoying your weekend or working? Take care and talk to you soon. :)

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