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Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Well today is the day to fool people and I have to tell you about the time I was fooled by my friend Kim Charron..She is a great cook and baker and she was always trying out new recipes and she knew I would be happy to be her guinnea pig and try out her stuff and give her my honest opinion...So on my way home for my dinner break she stops me in the road and says "hey I just made some chocolates, it's a new recipe here try me loving chocolate was more then willing to help my friend out....well I bit into it and it was a bit chewy and I couldn't seem to get it to break away and then realized I was eating this really good chocolate coated cotton ball....Well she got me let me tell you.. I had chocolate down my she gave me the rest of them to take with me back to work...and I let the kind clients getting their nails done know that my girlfriend had mad this really good chocolate that they needed to try it...well I got them with that little trick...It is one I will always remember...good chocolate, bad cotton if you are looking for something to do's an idea.....they looked just like chocolate covered cherries...they looked so yummy....well don't be fooled...any way hope your day is a beautiful one...take care...

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  1. LOL!! Years ago (when I had a real job) there was a message on my desk askin' me to return a call to Mr. Lyon. When I called askin' for the gentleman, the gal on the other end says, "I think someone is playing a joke on you, this is the zoo!" Well, they got me but good!! I still laugh when I think about it! :> )