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Thursday, March 27, 2008

FisH TaNk NeeDs A GooD HoMe & AmiSh FrieNdsHip BreAd

Hello all,

Well I have found myself putzing around today...rearranging and organizing...After watch Oprah for the last 2 days and seeing what a Hoarder looks like...I don't want to be one of them...and I am not..just doing a little organizing...I love to organgize and rearrange the furniture..always have...I used to love it when my mom would rearrange the living room every couple of months and it used to be my favorite room in the house, cause it was always fresh and I guess I get that from my mom.. I also LOVE to decorate...I would love to be one of the organizers on Mission Organization...I should have been a decorator...but I am an artist instead..Don't get me wrong, I love what I do, but organizing brings in the bucks....and I am still struggling along...I took another class yesterday at Joanns in the Viking department...We always have so much fun as it is the same ladies and yesterday we made it a pot luck and we embroidered sweatshirts made to look like jackets.. mine is not done so when I get it done, will take photos.. seems to be the story now days...when I get it done....lately that seems to be all I do start and then not finish it...but I need to get my self back in the sewing game and press on...

On another note, I have a 10 gallon fish tank to get rid of along with a bottom feeder...and all the haul it out.. so if you know of anyone locally that wants it. have them email me..

I made my Amish Friendship bread made 2 loaves, so going to send one to work with my husband tomorrow to share with the folks there and one is for us...I made it with the apple recipe..haven't tried it yet.. but it looks so moist..I have my 3 starters to give away and one for myself to make 2 loaves every 10 days...this is so much fun to do and so easy...Well I just gave my first starter away to Betty across the street, along with her Sensaria that she ordered at my party..(man did I clean up at that party) I got so much stuff.. now to find a place for it all...okay here is a photo of the cake.. it turned out so moist because of the apples...and I must say I had a taste and will tell you it is sooooooo good with the apples and it was hot... yummm!!!!:) I cooked this just like the recipe and even 10 minutes longer and it still sank in the middle...well that just means it is gooey on the inside and that is the best part... Well I am off to get dinner going and play with all my sensaria goodies...

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  1. Holy smokes! I saw the hoarder gal on Oprah! I always thought I hung on to too much stuff but after seein' that, my home is as neat as a pin!
    That Amish Friendship bread is delicious! I can smell it from here. ;> ) Yum!