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Saturday, March 22, 2008

EasTer EvE :)

Hi there again,

Well today is the day before Easter... I am having the next door neighbors over for a glazed ham with garlic/parmaesan smashed potatoes and grilled asparagus...For dessert I am taking a key lime pie out of the freezer. These are so good, you can get them in your freezer section. The brand is Edwards...better then home made...was going to make my famous Carrot cake but don't feel like baking.. will bake on Tuesday when 3 hungry boys from our church come over for dinner and one of them LOVES carrot cake and he is one of my favorite they will get a repeat of tomorrow's dinner but made fresh...we always have so much fun when they come over they always leave us smiling and glad that they came over...I have started an Amish friendship starter that I got off another blog I love to visit...and decided it was time to make one again.. I actually have the original that I got years and years ago.. but just didn't think to get it going till this this should be fun.. I can vagually remember how it tastes...gonna give the neighbors some and one to my bestest friend...I am on day 5 today gotta clean house and get er spruced up for tomorrow....I miss being a kid again at Easter as my mom always made us a new dress for Easter and I couldn't wait to wear it to church with my new black or white shiny new shoes...loved those shoes! I always felt so pretty on sunday...

On another note I have lots on Ebay for you to see. Lots of fabric for sale...and my bunnys...I have curtains to finish for my bathroom, a little purse to finish for my girlfriend.. she gave me a bunch of jeans to make jean purses with and I am making her a purse. On wednesday I learned more on my new embroidery machine so I embroidered a bee on hers.. it was so much fun and so addicting just to watch the machine work....too much fun I tell you...I will take a photo of the purse when it is all finished... Well my friends. I wish you all a very Happy Easter!

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