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Thursday, March 20, 2008

FiRst Day Of SprIng

Well its the first day of spring and it rained, hailed and then rained some more and now the forecast is calling for snow...go figure...Haven't done much this week, but list a whole lot of fabric on Ebay...and I am taking classes on how to use my new embroidery machine.. it is too much fun.. I love it...can't wait to do more with it...I will take photos later to let you see what I have done with it...Going to paint the bedroom for the 5th time....hopefully this will be it for a while..gonna paint it a pretty sage..can't wait...will take photos when it's done..well gotta go make some dinner...Take care out there..Hope your days are filled with smiles and laughter..

I had to share this photo of Gracie May...she was competely under the covers when I came in to make the bed and out pops her head...she loves being warm...what a hoot...

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  1. Gracie May is a cutie. She is like our kitty loves to be in the bed under the covers & warm.

    Cant wait to see your room once you get it painted. Love sage green.

    Have a wonderful weekend. Happy Easter.