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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hello there again, I just wanted to share some photos that we took on our trip to Ireland in September of 2001. We were Stationed in Naples Italy and this was our last trip before moving back to the states. Let me tell you, if you ever get a chance to go to Ireland I highly recommend it!! You will not be sorry you did. It truly is the prettiest place on Earth without a doubt...There was no place that we drove (we drove about 700 miles) that we didn't see a place we didn't like. Ireland is so clean and just drips of Quaintness..Truly it is breathtaking...The picture at the very top to your left is The Kinnity Castle that we stayed in for one night (Castle's can be pretty spendy) but worth it..You know the saying if walls could talk...Well this place had stories and it was so much fun to walk the halls of this place...It was just so much fun exploring it.. The picture in the upper right is the suite we stayed in... When we walked in, I think our mouthes dropped to the floor as the bed was HUGE! It was 2 queen sized beds made into one! They had to make the frame right in the room. We each got on our own sides of the beds and you could barely touch each others hands..It was such a beautiful place and we got the front window for dinner that night, it was a bay window and we could see the beautiful Irish horses with the long hair on their feet out grazing in the pasture and watching the sunset...The food was fab-u-lous! The photo on the bottom right is us standing in front of a mud roofed hut. (I felt like little house on the prarie) We stayed the night there and the upper two photos are of the room..How quaint is this... Well needless to say, I didn't sleep that well as when we turned on the heater all the little spiders came out and I was afraid one would drop in my I think I catnapped all night, But it was totally worth getting to stay there..They had other beautiful suites there at the Slaney Manor in, but we meaning me wanted to stay there..You had to go through a little bit of forest to get to this..It was fun. I must say the Irish are the nicest people ever and are very much about their cultures.. We learned so much and it was definitely the trip of a life time....So if opportunity knocks take a trip to Ireland you will not be disappointed...:)

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