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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lots of cool stuff on Ebay

Hello there, its been a couple of days since I last wrote, so I thought I would update you. I have alot of neat stuff on ebay right now. So go and check those out. I have been crafting and am in the process of making a kitty right now, and not like the others I have been doing. (my 9th set) of kittys did not sell, that is a first for me. I had 11 lookie loo's but no bids.. It always amazes me at what sells and for how much..This kitty that I am doing has a sculpted face and the biggest feet...It is going to be so cute and have a nice primitive touch...Keep a look out for this, I am hoping to have the kitty done tomorrow...Stay tuned...I finally got my yard work done and got the garden put to bed....should have been done in October, but hey it's done...Now we are working on the veggie garden, getting it prepared for planting..We had the biggest bumper crop of tomatoes last year, so hoping for that again this year...Here are some photos..the big trailing thing is my husbands hopps, that he grew for the first time last year...He was pretty proud of himself...

I have been making Valentine's goodies for my hubby and friends...I got the idea off of Martha Stewart and they are so easy and fun to do..They are little fortune cookies made of felt...Then I have added little sayings and put them in..Now off to Joanns for little containers to put them in with some chocolate of course......

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