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Friday, September 7, 2012

Whats In A NaMe..

 Good morning everyone!!! TGIF..hope you all had a great week..the weather here has been glorious..yesterday and today are supposed to be in the 80's..not loving that so much..but can't complain we have had a gorgeous summer so far..Karen over at My Colonial Home posted a challenge on how we got our blog names etc.;)so here goes..back in February of 2008 I was approached by a gal by the name of Brenda Sanker of Rusty Creek she is the Vintage Polka dot..we were apart of a group on Ebay and she had mentioned blogging..I had never heard of blogging so she got me started..she made me my header above..I had one without the hats too..she did a great job of getting me started and look at where I am now..
 I had always loved this sign and I love kittys and so Cat Nap Inn was born...I even had the garden gate as shown above..I love cats and love collecting cat stuff..and that pic above is in my living room..the primitives part of the name came from my love of primitives..while surfing the net and seeing your homes..I still love it..but now I am loving the farmhouse cottage thing mixing them both up.;)Blogging has brought me so many wonderful friends..some I have yet to meet but I feel as though I have known you all in person..I love the generosity and the giving nature of the gals and guys I have met through blogging..I will say it has lost some of its lustre this past year..guess I am getting burned out..or maybe its the time of year..I do have my favs that I keep..I have parred down from the 30-50 that I read and have my that is how I got my name..
 I had a wonderful blogging friend her name is Jeanne..she doesn't have a blog but has followed mine and I sent her some things and she insisted that she send me something..who I am to turn down gifts..not me..she sent me this beautiful handmade scarf in my favorite color..I can't wait to wear it this fall..
 and she sent me 2 dishcloths and a pot holder..all made by her..I love them and use them all the time..Thank you so much Jeanne..sorry it took so long to post this..
 well I have been at it again..shoe/boot shopping..I got these from love their site..can't wait to wear these with my grey sweater dress and cable leggings.)
 these also came from are Ugg knock offs..they were only 27.00 compared to Uggs prices of 100+..can't wait to wear these with leggings and a baggy sweater.;)
 I got these at payless..I love the "wedge" and these are so comfortable..
 some brown pumps also from payless..I also purchased a new purse and leg warmers too..(not shown) those were a previous purchase..I can't wait to get into the layering thing again..but I will hold off for as long as possible as I am enjoying the sunshine.or rainy days are coming..they are saying Monday at a 30% chance of it..I hope it holds off as we have lots more work to be done on the back yard..shed needs finishing and painting..
 remember this pile of wood...
 well here it is again..this time we set up the old dog kennelso we can stack wood in it..
 here it is all done..I still have 2 more huge piles to stack..this took 4 hours..and my arms and back were feeling it..we will cover this up when we get it all done..we have to put more pallets down to protect the wood so its not on dirt..I want to plant some hydrangeas and flowers back here once all the wood is gone..
 on wednesday after my lunch date with the gals..I stopped by albertsons and rite aid and got my first touches of fall..
 2 burnt orange mums and the big yellow ones..I love them on the porch..maybe I will decorate for fall today..Cause when October 1st shows up..the halloween stuff comes outs..will post photos when its done..
 I have been still crocheting up a are 3 out of the 5 I have made..I just got 8 more patterns yesterday on Etsy..I am making a baby bird hat right now..gotta get cranking out these hats for my show at the end of will soon be upon us..
 not sure why this is out of order..but here is another pair of shoes..these were only 6 bucks..I love the tweed look..they look great with white pants..well I am off to go get something to eat and watch t.v. for a bit and crochet and then get my exercise its on the treadmill as hubby took my walking buddy to work with hopefully there will be another walk instore for this evening..
I hope you all have a great weekend..relaxing and enjoying..thank you all for being my friend..:)


  1. Love how you got your name! That's a Warren Kimble design. I love all his stuff! My goodness! Look at all those shoes! You're a lil' centipede! Love those tweed ones.
    Boy you hit the jackpot with those gifts too. Just beautiful. ♥
    Have a terrific weekend!
    :> )

  2. Have a great weekend, Gina! I was accepted in the big Fall Festival at the park, so I am pretty busy crafting!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  3. Do you have a store on Etsy? I want to browse but I can't find the link...I'm at
    katniplounge AT gamail DOT com.

    Thanks! Trish

    1. Hey there, I don't have any of the hats listed in my etsy store..just my primitive stuff..I need to sit down and list some of my hats and things in a new etsy page is on my side bar though..:)

  4. Enjoyed reading your how I got my name. This has been so much fun. BTW loved our fall/winter shoes. Shoes are one of my guilty pleasures. Never met a pair I didn't like! Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. yeah Betty I am becoming a shoe hoarder..I love them.;) have a great weekend as well.)

  5. Hi Gina,
    I enjoyed reading about how you got your blog name. No exciting story behind is just my business name.
    I need to go shopping with you. Just love all the new clothes you've gotten. It is getting cooler here and all I have is short sleeve shirts. I've got to go shopping and get some Fall clothes. Guess then I'll need Winter ones too.
    My big Fall show is in 5 I've been busy making a bunch of things. Plus we are trying to get the kitchen remodel finished up.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. oh I would love to go shopping with you favorite stores are and i love JCPenneys..I know there are great deals at Ross and TJ maxx's too..I also love target..great deals.;)I know our show times are getting closer..need to keep on creatin..can't wait to see that kitchen.) have a great weekend:)

  6. You have fantastic taste! You are so stylish and I love those Ugg knock offs! I always enjoy reading your blog and love your work. I can't knit to save my life so once it begins cooling off I'd like to see if you can knit a Jack Skellington cap for my 12 year old. It's nice here, in the 70s and we had a sunset pizza dinner on the beach so I think will go back during the hot part of tomorrow. Well, I need to catch up on other blogs so I'll get a move on. Stay fabulous!

    1. Hey Christina...thank you for the wonderful compliments.;) do you have a picture of the Jack skellington cap you like? so I can see if its even possible;) oh a sunset pizza dinner.sounds nice and relaxing and tasty too.;) have a great weekend.;)

  7. Hi Gina.. I'm loving our weather here in Ohio too..Fall is sneaking in with beauiful sunsets and cooler temps! My favorite time of year!
    Love the story aboyt your name..Its one of my favorite Blog Names..
    Yep you have become a shoe and boot used to be was fun!
    I cracked up when I read you turned the old Dog pen into a wood storage..the dog pen has so many good uses..My dog pen Red Neck Shed has expanded into two dog pens hooked together with the Roof that goes with them. Its perfect!
    Sounds like you have been busy busy as usual.
    Have missed visiting but with everything going on in my life I too somehow lost interest in blogging but with fall coming I'm thinking more about getting back at it. I do so miss sharing with my blog friends..
    Have a wonderful Day my friend!

    1. Hey Tonya, yeah that kennel is getting a workout..but so glad to be able to repurpose it..and it will keep the wood from getting knocked over, ie animals, weather etc..oh fall is around the corner..our weather is supposed to be in the 60's this next week..and we are supposed to get some showers tomorrow night into monday..hope not..cause we still have lots to do..I hope all is well with you..have a great weekend.;)
      big hugs~

  8. hi, Gina~ You know I love the name of your blog~ so creative~
    You are a shopper~ I need you to go clothing shopping for me I used to love it, now I just dread it~ not sure why~ maybe getting older or the kids wore me out on all those years of hitting the malls weekly, giggles~
    Looking like fall at your home~ pretty~
    Have a great day~

  9. Wow! EVery time I read your blog, you look prettier and prettier! I love all your purchases! You must have a huge collection of boots by now! I love the story of your blog---and we love you! Maggie

  10. Girl, look at all those shoes! My poor size 11 dogs live in flip flops half the year and with wool clogs or boots the rest of the time. Pretty sad if you ask me! I guess I'll just have to live through you!