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Friday, September 21, 2012

I'Ve BeEn A BuSy GaL... FaLL DeCoR..PlaYinG CaTcHuP..:>)

 Hello there everyone..sorry its been so long since I last posted..I have been reading some of your blogs..but only lurking..haven't been on here much..I have been so busy this summer trying to get stuff done in our yard since that tree fell and the tree we had taken racing against the weather to get it done so we can sit back and enjoy our work..I did however get my fall decor up..and on the first of October I will be putting up halloween.I tell you this month has just flown by..I stopped at rite aid a couple of weeks ago and picked up 3 mum plants..they are now out in the landscape getting their "sun" on...Here is what I did for my fall decorating.)

 next year hubby is going to paint my woodstove for me..I think I am going to go for red if I can talk him into it.;)its showing its wear so its time..still gotta clean the chimney before the season month..its on our to do list..

 this is where I found Silly Millie after I got done decorating..she is on the vanity in the entry way.;)
 I just love that girl..she makes me smile..she looks so cozy there.;)

 thats pop-a-pop (napoli) helping me..he is my exercise buddy when I do my treadmill..he waits for a good pet.;)
 got my fall colored quilt on..
 the stairwell..I downloaded the subway fall picture and printed it up and stuck it in a frame...
 I have my creamy pumpkin soap at the kitchen sink..oh my gosh does it smell yummy.;)
 I cut some sunflowers from my garden and put them in a thermos..
 and here's where they are now.;)
 I changed out my cream colored curtains for my fall ones..
 again I changed out the curtains in the livingroom for these fall colored one..amazing how the room changes with the different colors..I love how warm and cozy it got..I love this time of where the sun hits at certain times of the day.;)
 here is sunny bunny doing what she does best..sunning herself..;)

 I was at the kitchen window yesterday morning and saw this deer flit by.can you see her? shes in the neighbors yard..
 there she goes..
 okay this has been the busiest week I have ever had in my life and its going to continue again today..I painted the shed..the front and sides..hubby did the back..we still need to put the white finish trim up..(I painted them this week) and put up the lattice work..will share when its all done..I also painted the door and existing trim..oh it needed to be freshened up something fierce..the color is a bit deeper then the original barn red..oh I love it.;)I moved 2 truckloads of gravel into the open part of the shed yesterday and have 2 more to do today..then I am done..10 truckloads of stuff this week and I tell you gravel is the hardest to do..Yesterday was spent mopping floors, gravel for the shed..taking Tucker for his 2 mile walk..splitting more wood..raking leaves and pruning back some dead plants for fall..let me tell you it was a busy but invigorating day..:)I don't know where my energy is coming from..but I love it..I couldn't have done this 2 years way..wouldn't have had the strength or energy..would have had hubbys help...thats how good I feel now.;)
 okay I moved 3 truck loads of cedar chips into the cat kennel (shown below)..and I moved 3 truck loads of regular bark shown here..
 and here...
 I moved an old wheelbarrow to this spot year I am planting it..
 I also barked over to here...see the fence off to the left of the picture..that was our old dogs kennel and we are stacking the wood in it..I stacked all of that last week..8 rows so far..thats a big kennel..12x12..I tell you its working out my arms..great exercise..
 I made 3 loaves of Zuchinni bread and gave 2 to friends and we kept one..and I pretty much at the whole thing..but it was made I didn't feel guilty in the slightest..
 I have been crocheting at night..and  I made these 4 cute hats...
 snowman with hat..the cute little birdy.(its my favorite)...
 the puppy dog (my second favorite) and the bear hat..I can make these in adult sizes if anyone is interested..they are 25 for baby/childrens..and 35 for adults...well that is it for hard work has paid off this week..I am down another my total is 95 pounds with 2 more to go...tomorrow I am spending the day with my girlfriend it's her birthday and we are going to lunch and getting pedicures..I am so excited..a purfect way to end this busy week.;) I have lots more to clothes and boots that I got at Fred Meyers last week..oh I love my new sweaters and are some funnies..Take care and have a wonderful weekend everyone.;) thanks for stopping by and saying hi.;)
 your singing it now aren't you?..;)lol..


  1. Oh my goodness- I am tired just reading your list! So share what has given you so much energy- I need it!!! Angela

    1. I have been given a whole new lot in life..decided it was time to change things for my I started eating better and exercising and have lost 95 pounds in the process..I used to ache all the time felt stiff and just didn't move around very well..I feel better then I did in my 20's or 30's..I sometimes pinch myself and wonder where the energy came from..but I feel so good..inside and out..and don't ever want to go back.;)have a great weekend.;)

  2. Me, too! You wear me out just reading about all you have gotten done! Love the shed, it's my favorite color! Have a great weekend!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  3. My goodness, you do have a lot of energy. Your decorating puts mine to shame, yours looks great. I love doing yard work, can't do it like I used with my arm issues. Congrats on the weight loss. You probably burned up those last pounds. Take care, enjoy your weekend.

    1. oh please when I see what others have done in the way of decorating they put me to shame..I only put out a very few items as I just want it simple..not sure how halloween will go..I need to downsize..but I love my holiday decor but if I am not putting it probably needs to go.)

  4. Everything looks wonderful Gina, love the shed! Love your fall decor, mine is extremely simple this year, a couple pumpkins and my string of candy corn lights is about it, with everything going on with my husband and his upcoming surgery just not in the mood to decorate anything so I will sit here and enjoy yours;)Have a wonderful day!

  5. Hi Gina,
    I've lost weight, but I don't think I have as much energy as you do.
    Your Fall decorating looks great!! Love the painted tea kettle on your pretty!! And I love the kitty laying with your doll...looks like someone loves her mommy's Fall decorating too!!
    How fun to see deer in your yard. We see them across the main road in the farmers field, but if they wonder across this way...we never see them in our yard.
    Now that my oven is back in the kitchen...I want to make some zucchini bread. Yummy!!
    Have a great weekend.

  6. I love your posts so much! They get me so motivated! The house looks so inviting. The outside is amazing! You'll have a nice Fall and WInter with those logs! Everything looks so pristine! Enjoy your weekend and we all send our love! Maggie

  7. Wow! I can't believe everything you do - makes me tired just thinking about it! Your weight loss is so amazing - you should be very proud of it, that is a great accomplishment.

  8. btw your Silly Millie and my Dixie Doodles look so much alike. Is Millie a mane coon? Maggie

    1. I am not sure..I know she is calico..but not sure if she is mane coon..we do have a mane coon..her name is Podylicous!! poe-poe for short.;)

  9. Girl! You've been some kind of busy! Looking GOOD!!

  10. Hi Gina, What a busy gal! Everything looks great! Power to the girls I say! Anna

  11. Great photos! you must have a tremendous amount of energy!

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    Thank you,

  12. Gosh you have been busy since I last stopped to visit - your fall decorations look super - we too have been cutting and stacking wood getting ready for winter. Love your crocheted hats and those boots on one of your older posts look great. The best pic though is Silly Millie - now I ask you who wouldn't love a sweetie like her. Thanks for taking time out of your busy life to share - God Bless!