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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

TwEeKinG, ShOPPinG, & MoRe ProJeCts DoNe..)

Good Morning Peeps!!! hope your tuesday is off to a great start...I thought I would throw in a funny as I know most of you drink coffee..Hubby can't start his day without it..says he will divorce me if I run out if the "I am not a coffee or soda drinker to get my day started kind of girl"..I don't drink coffee..and I only drink sodas maybe once every couple of it though on a hot day working in the yard..
This was taken this morning to show you we had a hard frost..but it is fastly burning off as it is bright and sunny out..that is Stanley Steemer waiting on the bench to come in..he likes it on the back porch with his puppy dog..I just wish he wasn't the fastest pee-er in the he will go on he doesn't come in unless he is on a lap..
more frosty pics..everything is starting to come tulips in a pot are almost in hyachinths, and primroses and my forsythia tree are blooming..the hyacinths not quite yet..the neighbors crocus' and jonquills are blooming..always a first sign of spring here.;)
I pulled out my little wheelbarrow out of the garage and pulled out my blackened wax smells so yummy bunnys that I purchased last year along with the easter eggs..;) simple but I love it..Trace you will notice your little wool heart pillow..the kitty she made is on my chair..won't be putting either of them away.;)I moved some of my valentine stuff to keep out all year long to my bedroom..will share those another day;)

I changed out my curtains for something different..these will not stay long as I am not happy with them..I just threw over some dyed flour sacks on the top for a valance..and put the black/tan gingham in the upstairs bathroom..and while I love them in the bathroom they go with the other black tan stuff in there..I like my osnaburg ones in there as they cover the window and give a little more they will go in the downstairs bathroom and I will figure out what I want in the kitchen..I just want it lighter and brighter in the kitchen..its spring after all and I want it nice and cheery in there.;)
I took down my coffee pot and water pictchur off the hanging pot rack above the sink and added with my other stuff here in the laundry room.;0) I love how it looks now..
I love the glow of my little light in the laundry nice and cozy..I love ambient lighting..and I know you all do too;)
Okay yesterday I went in for my yearly "Boob squeezin"..and everything came back A-OKAY..the doctor said and I quote: nothing has changed they are just smaller..I told him thats what 80 pounds does to them..I will say getting them squeezed is easier on bigger boobies then small ones..I swear they have to borrow skin from my big foot and up to my head to get them in that love the gal that does this job..she is so sweet and does such a great job..she has seen them for years now..and they also give us a little card for a free drink next door..and I went there after..and I got a sugar free white chocolate hot cocoa...oh it hit the spot as I was driving to my next venture....Joanns..they had their commotion motion coupons..and I knew I wanted more yarn..and I purchased more patterns online too..will share them as I make here is the haul for yesterday..I saved 40 dollars with all my coupons..just wish the bill had been lower..amazing how much yarn is these days..but i am so enjoying doing it..

I purchased these at RiteAid next door..I found a cute tutorial for crocheting hair band for girls or will be making some of these.;)
I started these spats on saturday and finished them up on sunday..I love how they changed the look of the boots..I wore them out to my doctors appt and my shopping..I love much fun to make..I love this designer and her patterns are super easy and she has picture with all the stitches/rows so you know what it is supposed to look like after a couple of rows and you don't have to pull it all out cause it looks wrong..she is the only one I have found that really does this...Her name is Bella and she has a blog Bella McBride its on my side bar..
I made another hat on saturday and finished up my handwarmer order for one of the wonderful nurses at my doctors office..she loved them..she is going to send me photos of her all dressed up in her headband, scarf, and wrist warmers.:) this color looks so good on her too...
I also finished these..but needed to put buttons on them...
amazing at what the buttons add to these..the blue one has sunflower buttons on them..
Here are the wristwarmers I made over the weekend..3 pairs in one night..the cream colored ones on saturday ..they are a bit different from the other 3..I wore the ones on the left out yesterday..)
as shown here..I was looking pretty cute in my spats and gloves..hubby says I look like a hippy..I would say maybe bohemiam..I love them..they are just added accessories or bling to an outfit..and they do keep you a bit warmer too..
last but not least..I made this last night with my new yarn..this came from a different designer on etsy..its a scarf hoodie..and it is warm and takes 2 balls of thick and quick yarn..and I got alot of neat colors for is super cute on too..will be selling these as well at my shows..
well that is it for me..gotta go and get ready..I am going to a church/meeting..I am on the committee where we set up functions for the gals in our church and we need to make sure we have out next function which is on the 15th all set and ready to go..its our church/relief society birthday for we are stepping back in time and decorating with mason jars for the flower holders and burlap on the this kind of a prairie look..might have to drape over my apron from Lecia and my bonnet too..should be a wonderful night out..we are having different soups and some of us are bringing our own place settings for the it will be eclectic..will try to remember my camera and take photos...and it is glorious gotta get Tucky out for a walk..haven't walked since saturday..although it was a gorgeous walk on saturday..we took the 4 mile walk and walked part of it along the beach to let Tucker run and play..I love walks like that..sunny and beautiful..I hope the rest of your week goes well.. will be reading what everyone is up too..and who might see me back for another entry..this is my 995th how time flys..its been 4 years last month since I started blogging and I have made so many friends..its been a wonderful experience...I am also keeping my fingers crossed that my mom's house sells..(we have a gal that is going through the paper work) now and will know something hopefully if her paper work goes through..if it does..I am coming to Ohio to meet some blogging buddies..and go shopping..(lets know get stupid here)...gotta do gals know who you are..:) that is my hope anyway.;) okay I am rambling..have a great day everyone.;)
***This just in..I am down another 81 total to date so far..Yeah I am smiling..this makes me happy.;)


  1. I love all your crocheted creations and always love seeing your tweeking too, it looks great! Hubby & I took a walk the other day, about a mile and a half, not too much but we both felt it in our shins the next day, hoping to do it more often as the weather warms up some!

  2. Good to hear all went well with your checkup. I hate that time of the year but it has to be. Good luck selling your moms house. Recently just started printing off Joann coupons to save on the fabric for making prim bonnets. You will have a lot of things made for your show. I remember when you started you weight loss journey. You have done great. Blessings!

  3. Shut up!!!! Another pound!!!! I bow to you master loser!!!! I wanna be just like you when I grow up!

    I'm down 13 now. Woohoo! I did Zumba last night and it kicked my butt!!! Oh my gosh I loved it. :) So much fun! Gonna do it on Mondays and Wednesdays. And tread on T-T-F.

    Sell house sell! ;)

    Carmen and the Primcats

  4. Gina,
    you sure have been busy girl! All your cute crocheted goodies. The wrist warmers the so cool, oh, I mean warm ;-) first I've seen.
    It's snowing and blowing today. Yesterday was gorgeous, it actually reached 57 which was nice.
    High five on the extra pound loss!!!!
    Enjoy your walk~hugz,

  5. Go Gina!
    Wow you are amazing. I want your energy too.
    Your so inspiring. Like the energizer bunny!
    Good for you. I so loved all the spring touches. And so sweet you still have out my woolie heart. It looks so cute with your bunny too. You are a crow-hooky girl too. Just love all your creations. Way cool boots. Love em!
    Have a great day

  6. You have been busy as usual, love all of your crochet goodies. I don't shop at Joanns without those coupons, can't shop unless I can get a nice discount, I am off to Hobby Lobby, which I love, but you can only use one coupon, so I don't spend as much as I could. Hope you have a great week!

  7. Wow, you have been busy!!You make the cutest things. I love saving money with coupons. Every time I am in Joanne's I am there forever. So much to look at and decide on. Great job on the weight loss, I am so not motivated for that lately, but I realy need to. Blessings ~Sara

  8. Gina,
    You are so energetic, and an awesome blogger. I always love reading your posts... Hugs, and give the kitty's a kiss for me.

  9. MY my my gina you have been one busy lady creating with the yarn..those wrist warmers are adorable..

    The Tweeking looks great!

    Another pound..Wow... you go girl...

    You cracked me up with the mamo story.. I do have to agree with the smaller is harder on the body..that squish feels like a

    Sounds like fun at your Church gathering..

    Coming to Ohio...well if you do I sure do hope we can get together.. Good Luck with the sale of the house..

    Enjoy the Sunshine and you walks with Tucker..


  10. Gina,
    I just love all the crochet goodies that you've been making...they are all so cute!!
    I'm keeping my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed(LOL...) that your mom's house sells.
    Congrats on losing another pounds. I have now lost a total of 8.5 lbs.

  11. Dear Gina:
    I enjoyed your post tonight. I'm amazed at how quickly you crochet. I like the wrist warmers, they look so pretty peeking out of a sleeve.
    The hoodie scarf is awesome. I like the re-
    arranging. Your kitchen window looks like a
    1930's kitchen. I like it a lot.

  12. Hi Gina.
    Love your tweaking. I am amazed at your crocheting. You are so fast :)
    If you go to Ohio, let me know. I would love to be included, I am only three hours away from the Ohio border.

    1. will keep you posted when I am would be fun to have lots of blogging gals to go shopping with and just have some fun;)

  13. Gina, I love the cat pic, that's me for sure. I gotta have my coffee in the am. but I am not much of a soda person either. Wow, you sure have been making a lot of nice crocheted goods. I love the hoody scarf. Good luck with the house sale, maybe you'll get to come our way this fall.
    Country at heart

  14. I love your spats, they are awesome! Heck, I love it all! You sure get a lot done, my friend. I got my rug all hooked, last night ...gonna post it in bit. I sure like how it turned out.