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Thursday, March 8, 2012

TweAkinG, ProJecTs DoNe. DiNNeR.and I'Ve ReAcheD GoAL..

Good Afternoon my fellow friends in blogland!!! I hope your thursday is off to a great start..mine is..I reached goal!!! well the first goal that I set out to make any I want to lose 5 more and call it quits..I am down 82 pounds and I feel mahvelous Dahling!!!...Ihaven't weighe this since like the year 2000...and it is just feels so good..I have a confidence I didn't know I lost..but man it feels so good to be out walking and gettig dressed up and be able to work in my yard with ease and not be heavy any longer..such a huge weight has been lifted off of me..literally..I don't hurt anymore..I just feel like I have been reborn..only better..and better dressed too...:>)if I can do this..anyone just have to wrap your mind around it..and just do it..look at our little Carmen of primcats..she is loving exercise and she feels great...and Miss Cindy of Cynthia Lynn is losing and feeling great too..its all about eating healthy and eating in Can have anything you want.. just in moderation..sweets too..I am a huge sweets fan..always will be..but tell me I can't have it..and you can bet your sweet A$$ I will want it and will have alot of it..but I know I can eat it...I just choose not too..or only have a taste..just to satisfy the sweet craving..I want to work smart not harder then I have too..and I have worked pretty stinking hard to get to this point..and was it worth it? you bet it was/is..hubby is even eating healthier then he used hopefully he will lose a bit more this year..I don't want diabetes.. or high blood pressure...and the healthier I am hopefully I will give my kidneys a fighting chance as can't hurt...
Okay off my soap box now..I found that neat idea above on pinterest..I love that is just a soda bottle dipped in paint..what a neat piece of art..
remember these hair bands...
well I made these on wednesday night..I have more to do..but they are great little hair bands...and even cute bracelets too.. might be wearing one of those for church on sunday..I have more yarn in different will be making a lot more of these..
remember my hoodie?
I thought I would model it for you so you can see how it looks on a person..super warm too...
I am set for anything in this nice warmer hoodie...I have more colors I will be making this if anyone is interested..let me know..great gifts too..
okay remember the upper curtains..I told you I wasn't happy with them..there just seemed to big of a seperation between the lower ones..and I didn't like it..
so I put these back up..these were the original ones that I purchased for this window..nice and they let in a bit more light..which I love in my kitchen..
these were the ones that were in the kitchen..just too dark..but I love the primness of I put them on an old window frame..Hubby is going to hang this in the upstairs hallway by the bathroom this weekend..and then I will gussy it up..
I put my little Valentine can that Sheila gave me at our recent looks so good in my shabby chic bedroom...
lit up for better viewing..this is our amoire in our bedroom turned quilt keeper/dvd/vhs storage on the bottom..I have turned this into a cute display of treasures I have gotten from Blog friends, wins etc..
Yesterday after our walk..I played in the yard..I moved the picnic table out from the house and put my blooming jonquills and big grape hyacyinth out on it with a TS plate that I picked up sometime ago..
they do make me smile and when I am sitting on the couch I can peek out that window and see these pretty flowers in bloom..I do love spring and seeing all the flowers peeking up out of the dirt..its like christmas all over again and getting surprises you totally forgot about..I did a bit of weed burning in the now the yard is weed free and looking good..we are getting our rains back they say starting tomorrow..we shall see..will be getting Tucker out for his walk again today..oh how I appreciate our walks now and love seeing the beauty that surrounds me..and knowing that I am doing something for me..
okay I am tweaking yet again..I moved the wheelbarrow to the front porch and brought out my little picket fence box that I purchased at Joanns a couple of years ago..Sunny is my lovely assistant..
I was up in the garage looking for more spring stuff and found my cute wool felt eggs..I don't remember who made these for me..I think it was Linda..but I could be wrong..a cute little birds nest with a birdie that you put those scented oils in..and my kitteh from Carmen S...and my candles from Tony and a little machine embroidered pillow by me..
okay now for the finished projects..I am having a ball doing these..this is from my new friend Bella all the way up in New Brunswick Canada..she puts out the easiest and best tutorial patterns ever...this is the bay of fundy neckwarmer...
and these 2 are my favs so far...these are the Lumber Jillian hat and neck warmer..I also have the Lumber Jillian wrist warmers that I need to make..and oh they look so cute on..they are like those woolie socks that we love to wear that are gray, white and red..(I have a pair)..
last night I made steakhouse Pizza from The Pioneer Womans blog..oh my gosh is all I can is mighty tasty.;)I opened the oven and got a steam bath..I like to call it my "sexy pizza"..kind of airbrushed
without the steam...
and here it is in all its glory..with the flank streak grilled and medium rare..fresh mozzerella all melty and parmasaen cheese on must make this..I used a pillsbury pizza crust..nice and thin..this will have a bit of moisture from the sauce and it won't eat like a regular pizza when you can pick it up..but a fork and maybe a knife and you are in must try this..definitely a keeper..I have steak left over to make another one..or make something else with a nice pasta...we are having left overs tonight.. of Gina's Oxtail Stew from the neeleys..if you want to impress your family or guests..that one will knock their socks and decadent..well that is it for me today..I hope you all have a great thursday..I just finished up a series on Netflix and am sad its all was Lark Rise to has 4 seasons..and must will love the period..(very prim in the hamlet) and it is set in england..oh my gosh I wanted to be in that show..have a great day every one..:)


  1. You are for sure the CROCHET QUEEN!!!! I love all those and you look so cute wrapped up in your warm hoodie:D I can't believe you still have that kitty, lol, she could *almost* pass for a bunny in there with those eggs;)Love the daffodils, mine here are poking up about 2 inches from the dirt, won't be long! Have a great day!

  2. I love all the spring touches you have added to your home. The soda bottle idea is very creative and the possibilities are endless with that one.
    You sure are creative with the crocheting. The hair holders are very cute. I am looking forward to spring myself. Can't wait to be outside and working in the yard and planting some new flowers to replace the shrubs that died. I am still waiting on my tulips to emerge. Hopefully soon.
    Country at heart

  3. hi, Gina ~ so proud of you accomplishing your goals~ Tweaking looks terrific~ So ready for a garden filled of spring blooms, only a few crocus so far~
    have a great evening

  4. Hi, Gina: I can't find the Larkrise series. I thought you said Netflix and I looked everywhere for it and did a search, no go. Maybe you could help?
    I can't keep up with you! Your energy comes right through when I read your post. I'm so thrilled for your weight loss. I have a long way to go but I'm one number away from Type II diabetes so this is serious for me.
    I love the picket fence on the table.
    The curtain looks perfect in the kitchen. I love the bottom tiers with the valance.
    The new crochet hat and neck warmers are gorgeous.

    1. Hey is the link for the series..;) you will love it..thanks for the wonderful compliments..and I hope you can get your diabetes under control..wish I could be there to help..that is my fear...I didn't want it..

  5. Hey look great and congrats on your weight loss! I myself have lost 20 pounds and even that much I can feel a big difference...lots more to go though. You are an inspiration!

    I also must tell you that the top picture of the cats cracks me up everytime. It is so cool!

  6. Congratulations! You look beautiful and even better that you feel great. You sure inspire me. Every project is amazing~~I wish I had one ounce of your talent, my friend. Hugs. Maggie

  7. Congrats on making your weight loss goal!!!
    You worked very very hard and it shows.
    That pizza recipe looks yummy..I want to try it.
    Thanks for being an inspiration.

  8. Congratulations on making your goal. You look great Gina!
    The pizza looks absolutely delicious.

  9. Congrats on the weight loss! I'm going to try the soda pop painting to a base of a basket. Will let you if it turns out. Love the great idea!

  10. Gina,
    Congrats on reaching your goal!!...and I just know that you will lose the other 5 lbs that you have set out to do.
    This week has been a crazy one for me. Down a pound, up a pound, down a pound, up a pound...and I can't seem to break this silly cycle, but I have until Monday as that is weigh in day. Very happy with the 8.5 lbs that I have lost so far.
    I just love all the crochet goodies that you've been making!!
    And I love all the touches of Spring that you have added. I started working on mine today.

  11. Morning Friend
    So appreciate you. How wonderful you made your goal. Go Gina! You inspire us all. Love all your spring tweaking too. Ive been tweaking and cleaning out somethings too. My lamp looks so cozy in my laundry room .:)
    I will have to check out that movie series. I just finished the downtown abbey. Loved it.
    Hugs Trace

  12. Yay! You go girl! So wonderful to have reached goal...Boy your fingers must be sure all the to have your energy.Enjoy your weekend!~Amy

  13. Morning've once again been really busy..wore me out reading all of
    Awesome fantasic give yourself a huge Hug for a job well done. Everyone benifits when you lose weight...Tucker gets more long walks, you ae both eating healthier & Hubby loses too! Love those Win Win situtations!!
    Love your Spring Table top gathering so cute.

    have a Great Weekend my friend!!


  14. Great post!!! Not only do you look fantastic you "sound" fantastic too!! You have a wonderful positive attitude!♥ YaY You!

  15. My HERO!!!!!!!!!!! lol!

    You are rocking it!

    Congrats to us all!!!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  16. Gina! They look fantastic! I'm so pleased you are enjoying the patterns! I just can't believe how much crocheting you can get done! You are an inspiration to all!

    Hugs from Snowy Canada,