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Saturday, March 31, 2012

My 1001th PoSt...

Hello there my fellow friends in blogland!!! how is your saturday going...ours is cold wet and getting old..I don't mind a day here and there like this..but I haven't walked in 3 days..its driving me nuts..I need some if any of you would like to share some..I'll take it,:) I love the saying above..I get so many fun ones while pinning..oh Pinning is fun..I'm becoming a master pinner..I need a I hit my 1001th post today..I started blogging back in February of 2008..I can't believe that much time has flown by...I can't believe I finally hit this mark..
I was sitting at my computer last night and look what the cat dragged in...Litterally..see that pink heart pillow..she was carrying it in like it was her kitten..and she hit around the I had to get a picture of our silly goose..she does this all the time.this morning by my bedroom door was a bunny that was in my craftroom..between her and Stewbert..nothing is sacred around here..I am constantly rearranging rugs..picking stuff up off the floors..they are into everything..but I will say Goose is the biggest culprit..she loves to sit in the bathroom sink (any sink really) and drink from it..but mostly just let the water run on her..she is just so goofy..
Thursday I had to go and get my tire fixed..found a screw in it..and I went shopping at walmart..found some more yarn..(whats new there)..they are cheaper then Michaels and Joanns..even with coupons..
got some more whisk brooms for my covers..I still need to list the ones I made in my etsy shoppe..
I love walmarts buttons!! I would have paid 1.50-2.00 for each of the seperate walmart..they were like 78 cents to 1.00..these will be great for my scarves etc.)
I dug out some of my easter bunnys to decorate with..its only a matter of time before they get hauled off by the youngins.;)
I stuck a flag in the center..;)
not sure where I got this cute little bunny.;)
some chicks I purchased on etsy..and some eggs..I believe these came from Linda Claus.;)

Have you ever made a bunny out of a wash cloth or towel? these were popular in the 80's..well I had completely forgot about these guys..but thought since easter is coming up to give you all ideas for centerpieces on your plates or to stick around the could use napkins too..(easier to fold)..
you can stick a little egg in the back..if you use a big towel you can stick a dinner plate in the center of that thing..
my camera is not working right and it didn't up load the first step..basically you take on corner and roll to the center..take the other side (corner and roll to the center) so they meet..then you fold it in hald..those points will be the ears..
take it in your hand ....
and fold back the ears, put rubberband around the face part..fluff up the can leave the face blank or add eyes and a nose..and then tape on a cotton ball for the tail..and put an egg in the back;)
Okay here is my latest creation..I made a neck cuff warmer..I love this..I wore it out on thursday..they really keep you warm and they are stylish..
I forgot to put my glasses on...

I ordered some clothes from how i love there came thursday I had to try on some of the things..I love this shirt...
and love!!!! this much that I just place another order today..
I love the cami's..I got 6 of them..with a total of 8..I love that they dress up anything you wear..I also got that bolero..great for church..its glitzy.;0) thats sunny bunny helping me..she's my computer buddy..I got some other items..I just didn't take photos..I will when I get guiessed up again..I have also lost another pound..finally..its been so I am down 83 pounds and in the next weight bracket..only 4 more to go..yippee!!!!.I also found a new site that tracks what you friend told me about a year ago..but I lost the site address and just found it yesterday..I am having a hard time navigating it for some reason..but is will calculate what ou eat in a day..well I am off to pay bills and get my taxes then hubby can hopefully work his magic on turbo tax..I so hope we don't owe moms house is offically closed..just waiting to get the check in the mail..
I almost forgot if you want to play a funny "april fools joke" on your family take large cotton balls and dip them in chocolate..they look just like cherry try to bit into one of these..its impossible..but the chocolate is good..they will fall for this..:) I hope your weekend is going well..I just hope we dry out enough to take a quick walk..take care and thanks for stopping by and saying hi.;)


  1. Hi, Gina:
    I hope you get to spend some time outside. It's been really nice here, we're chopping down some of the plants and trees that are out of control and the yard looks so much bigger.
    The kitty's pink heart is sweet, sometimes they think something is their baby. It's so cute.
    Have a great 'rest of your weekend'.

  2. Hi Gina,
    Wow do you look amazing, I am so proud of you, I would be thrilled beyond words to loose 20 pounds. Please email me and give me some pointers.
    Love all of your goodies, yarn wisk brooms, buttons and all your Easter decor. Love the new neck warmer! Thanks for the bunny tutorial. Have a great day! Hugs, Lecia

  3. Congratulations on all those posts! I am happy to say I have read most of them! You look so great in your neckwarmer! My kitties do the same---steal things and one of my babies from years ago, Princess, who is now in heaven, used to love the sink! Robin likes to go in the shower after someone has been in there and roll around in the tub! Crazy kitties!Raining here too! Bring on the sunshine! Hugs to you!

  4. Chocolate covered cotton balls, yummy! LOL!!! I remember my mom getting me one of those washcloth bunnies before my son was born but it was called a "Boo-Boo bunny" and had a freezable cube in it for boo-boo's:D You are lookin' so stylish in those new clothes, just love it all!!! Your kitties are too funny, bet there is never a dull moment:)

  5. OOOOH, almost forgot....CONGRATS! That is alot of posts and I have enjoyed every single one of them!!!! Love your blog and you too;)

  6. You are so perky and always busy!
    I am working hard on putting things together for the Gatherings show. I haven't done a craft show for so long. I hope I make a ton of money!
    Looking good kiddo!

  7. Gina, I'm laughing at the cat! Our newest cat is a hoarder - we've never had a hoarder cat before and we're cracking up over his antics. He'll walk through the living room with something and head upstairs. His hiding place is behind our daughter's bedroom door. Carrie will come down with a handful of items to show us what all Shadow as stashed. Usually it's something crinkly sounding like cat treat bags.

    Way to go with your continued weight loss success. ~Ann

  8. Oh Miss look great!! Congrats on losing another pound. I've lost 9.5 lbs so far and am hoping more has come off by my weigh-in day on Monday.
    And Congrats on 1001 posts!! I started bloggin in April of that same year and I've only posted about 450.
    Hope the weather improves so you can go walking.

  9. I have a tiny bear that Chum kept stealing, so I put it some place for him to find, but now I can't find it, he hid it! Love how your kitty carries things around. Great clothes, girl and you are looking so good! Congrats on all your hard work, it sure paid off! I would love to send you some of this warm weather, it was 86 degrees today!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  10. Gina~ My kitty has had a black cat puppet he carried around since he was a kitten.He still carries it every day but now has took to prim stuffed carrots as well.Congrats on another pound.It's been dreary,damp and cold here too.We got tricked with early warmth.Have a great week! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  11. Hi, Gina~
    The kitty sitting on the sink watching you take photos is too cute~ now that looks like home~
    You look wonderful & a great color for you is blue!!! The bunny reminds me of Boo Boo bunnies that we had for the kids when they were little~ giggles~ oh, they got used & abused~ a scratch ~ a belly ache~ a bumped knee ~ Go Get the BOO BOO Bunny~ ( off to go torment my niece about boo boo)
    have a great day

  12. Congrats on your 1001th post, I can't imagine reaching that number. Your cat pictures are too funny, I bet they keep you busy. It is too late to do the April's fool joke, but I am going to remember it for next year, for my friend Mary. I hope you have a great Easter week.

  13. Two congrats to you! for your 1001 post and for your continue weight loss. Looks like you are having fun clothes shopping. I am starting back to curves tomorrow. I saw how much weight I had gained when I posted a picture on my blog!lol
    Have a great week

  14. You look FABULOUS Gina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!

  15. Wow..congrats on the post...It will take me a long time to get there..I love your psot so you just keep going!

    Looks like you makde that trip to town count ..lots of goodies to work with..
    Love all your Easter Decorations.. I'm not sure but I think you might have gotten the Rag Eggs from me..Those are all the fabrics I used to make my Rag wrapped eggs last year..

    Love the Rag Bunny lesson.. I bet I've made 1000's of them over the years. I used to sell them when I did Shows and they went like hot cakes.. Still have a few left packed away someplace.. You might want to Tea Stain & Prim some and include them in your shows..who knows you might have the same luck selling them as I did..
    I've got all my Easter Decorations out & enjoying them as I dot his recovery thing. Thanks for stopping by with well wishes and prayers!

    Have a Great week and hopefully you get some sun so you and Tucker can walk...


    1. Hey Tonya, you are right now that I think about did send those too me...I love em..we are having one gorgeous spring day today..finally..and i did take Tucker out for the long walk today..then we walked back home via the beach..he loves to run off of his leash and he sees lots of other doggies to run and play was nice..the indoor kittys even got to go outside today for a bit..except for the 2 youngins..they will not go out maybe ever..too rotten..they would run..they say tomorrow is wind and back to it again..I cleaned my house I am set for the week to enjoy and relax..but i have the dreaded taxes to do and I am getting my hair done..super excited as its been 10 weeks and it is driving me nuts..might go for a short pixie that I am feeling sassy the rest of me needs to be as well..gotta go and surf the net for something..have a great week yourself..I hope you are feeling more and more better every day.;O)

  16. Wow Gina you look fabulous. Love these pic's of you. Sounds like you have been getting as much rain as we have but the sun has been shining now for a few days so I did get to mow. haha
    Looks like Wal Mart gets all your money too.
    Hope you have a Happy Easter

  17. Congrats to you Girlfriend!
    On your 1001 post and your successful weight loss. You look amazing. Love the neck warmer and your new clothes.What wonderful deals you found at Walmart too. I love their buttons too.
    Have a wonderful week.

    1. You look beyond awesome, Gina!! Better than that, I'm sure you feel like a million bucks having released so much weight. Rock on, sista!!!!! xoxo

      ~ Wendy

  18. Hey Hottie! You look awesome in those Cami's!! I have like 10 of them!

    Yay another pound! Woot Woot!!! Happy for you!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  19. Cute, cute, cute!!! Love the new neck cuff too!!
    You look fantastic, darlin'!!

  20. Cute, cute, cute!!! Love the new neck cuff too!!
    You look fantastic, darlin'!!