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Friday, March 23, 2012

I FouNd My MoJo.:)PiCtuRe HeAvy.;)

I am so loving Pinterest..I can't tell you how many wonderful ideas and recipes I have gotten.not to mention some great crochet patterns..its as much fun as blogging is..maybe even more so..I can't stay away from it.;)

Hey there everyone..I'm back for my week of review..its been a great week..Monday I had my monthly doctors appt..I just love my doctor and especially my cute little nurse Evi..we have so much fun chit chatting and she is a champ at drawing my used to really gross me out..but I have had it done more in the last 5 months then I have in all of my 48 its getting easier..and the trick is being hydrated!!..then it was off to Joanns and Michaels..although I hit Joanns on saturday as they had a 25% off your total..and I needed more yarn and buttons..and I shopped..
I found this on facebook..and it just makes me giggle everytime.;)
so here is the yarn I purchased on Saturday...oh I am having a love affair with yarn lately and enjoying it so much..I love making things to wear and sharing it with others..
this was my haul on monday.;)
this was saturdays buttons..
then I hit them again on monday..they had a buy one get one free..I can't pass that these (top and bottom) were mondays hauls..I love you love buttons?

I am making little "apple cozys/ keep your apple from getting bruised...these are so much fun to make and sooo cute..
they are all a little different..I kept changing up the pattern..if anyone is interested..they are $3.00 each..
I made more neck warmers..I am loving the changes the whole look to them..they are nice..and they keep your neck warm and you look great in them too..just another accessory for our wardrobes ladies;)

I made a neckwarmer scarf in eggplant for me and added fringe on the end of this one...
more neck nurse loves hers and wears it all the time.;)I need find the right buttons for the bottom one.;)
I made this hat for a fellow blogger named Betty of through my back door grand daughter I believe..she just had her last chemo treatment and I wanted to make her a hat to wear for spring..she is also getting another suprise too...I hope she likes it.;)she can wear it with everything..
okay for the title of my blog post today..I haven't sewn in months..haven't wanted to since christmas that I have my new found hobby of crocheting..just haven't been interested..well I signed up for a "towel swap" with Kendra and had to do some sewing for this is what my gal got for her swap..I must tell you I wasn't sure what I was going to do..had the towel in mind but that was it..then it hit me like a ton of bricks and then I got excited...I am sooooooo loving the way this one turned's "farmhouse romance meets primitive shabby chic" say that fast..
I embroidered the chicken design onto the coffee stained doily and added a muslin fringe and black rick just made the towel..I use my blanket stitch on my machine to sew on the doily to the towel...

It even looks great on the back of a chair..
then I decided to make one in red..with the hens this time..I love watching these embroider out as its all one continuous stitch and you see it all come to life..

this one is for sale..if anyone is interested it is $15.00 + shipping..otherwise I am putting it up on my etsy shoppe..
Okay I did some tweeking and decided to add my brooms that I purchased for my wool making..but I haven't been to interested in that I had that same brick hit me in the head when I was making those towels..I wanted a wrap for used the same doilies and embroidered on them..

I love this farmhouse look that it gives these brooms...what do you think? I am having a great time sewing again..and hoping these will sell..if anyone has a broom that needs covering let me know..these will be around $10.00 each depends on the design..some have more details and color let me know..
then I decided to make a cover for my rolling pin..I had my good pal Cindy help me with the design..and I was going to put this on muslin..and that same darned brick hit me yet I embroidered it on a doily..and I am so loving it I removed the plate (from above photo) to this..

can you see my hand in the mirror? I love how this looks now..all dressed up..I used ribbon for tie backs for the brooms..I am pleased as punch with these..well we finally got our spring..the 1st day of spring was gorgeous..I took Tucker for a walk and on wednesday we hit the 4 mile walk..we walked yesterday..just a short one as I wanted to get back home to sew..but today we did our usual 2 mile walk and I enjoy it so much walking in the sunshine and seeing all the pretties coming up all over..I then mowed the lawn (the first time this year) and raked up the yard and all the fallen debris etc..I love me a nicely groomed yard..and I get to see all the pretties that are peeking up out of the ground and blooming..I do so love spring..well that is it for me..not sure what is on the agenda for the weekend..but there will be walks in store for's supposed to be I will be out in it..I think my mom's house is sold..they are hopefully signing the papers today..will call my little sister next week to find out for sure..I hope you all have a great weekend everyone..Thanks for stopping by and saying hi..I am off to make's high carb night..think I am going to make spaghetti with turkey mouth is starting to water just thinking about it..:)


  1. Wonderful things you have created. I so love the hat for Amanda and the darling tea towels.
    Especially the red one. And the apple covers are stinkin cute :)
    Hugs to ya Friend

  2. Love your little doilies, so cute! I found something cute in the antique mall, but I forgot my camera. I will tell ya about it, later. Have a great weekend!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  3. Gina that hat is beautiful. Amanda will love it.It is perfect. You make some wonderful thing. Those apple huggers are too cute. So are the broom wraps. You are one talented lady, not to mention generous. We will send you a picture as soon as she gets it. Thanks again

  4. Oh Gina...I love what you have done with the doilies!! Love the towels!! Love the brooms!! Love the rolling pin cover!! Guess you can tell that I love it all!!!

  5. Your little brooms and towels are so adorable, love them! I've been walking most days and loving it, can't believe the warm weather we've been having lately! Have a wonderful weekend, mine will be spent in the bathroom (LOL) helping hubby install a new tub & shower surround:)

  6. Gina, where do you find your energy?!?!?
    You sure found some great things and love all the pretties you've made!
    Hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend.

  7. Those towels are so pretty.Love the red check reminds me of my grandma's old farmhouse.So sweet of you to send the hat to Betty for Amanda,will surely lift her spirits.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  8. How sweet and generous of you. The towels are awesome. Such cute designs. You look like you are enjoying crafting. Isn't it fun when you are in the "creating mode".Blessings ~Sara

  9. I love your header picture, just toooooo cute!
    Love everything you have been creating, especially those covers for your wisk brooms, you are one talented girl. hugs, Lecia

  10. hi, Gina~
    Great tweaking~ giggling over the apple covers, clever idea~
    enjoy the weekend~

  11. Wow! you have been BUSY!!!!! Love the doilies as covers for everything. So cute! And those apple coosies are so adorable!

    Yay on the house sale. still crossing fingers!!!

    I am down at 15 lost again. Woohoo! I had to go shopping for new workout clothes at the goodwill. Darn. lol! I found tons that should hold me until I lost another 20! Woohoo!!!!

    Have a beautiful day today!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  12. Gina, I am exhausted! Look at all your creating! all that yarn!!! oh my!
    I am with you on blood being taken... I so hate needles... ugh... dread it everytime! OLM

  13. Gina, you sure have been busy - I need some of your energy. Love your creations - especially the sweet hat for Amanda.

  14. Wow, you have been busy! Love the towels, haven't heard from your recipient yet but I am sure she will love them! Is the towel that you recieved the one that is hanging up in one of the pics? The one with the berries? Just curoius as to whether or not you got yours yet.

    Let me know!


    1. Hey Kendra, yes that is my towel with the berries..and Cynthia got hers yesterday..and she loved it!!!! so we are happy campers here.:)

  15. Love the little broom covers and those apple cozies are just the darlingist (is that a word)! Great job on all of it!


  16. Morning Gina,
    Wow, what wonderful creations...and that white crocheted hat...adorable. When I looked at it I could see my new baby granddaughter in you make wee baby size ones of these?

    Love the Apple cozys...too cute - great and unique idea.

    The towel you made for your swap is so wonderful - I'm sure your partner loved it!
    I'm anxious to see who your partner was...and what she sent. Hope you post soon.


    1. Hi there Karen...I have lots of cute baby hats..haven't made any yet..but I certainly can..what color did you have in mind etc..the towel hanging in the last photo is the one I received from my partner;)I have lots to post will get to it shortly.;) have a wonderful tuesday:)