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Monday, February 13, 2012

RaNdoM StuFF & FuNniEs..;)

Good Morning everyone!! well its still morning here..for another 30 minutes anyway..hope you all had a great weekend..on saturday we went shooting at the range..I haven't shot any firearms for about 15 years or I needed to brush up on my skills..and hubby said I did pretty good for my first time back..said I was a natural..I got to shoot a 380 with a laser on it..oh that is a gun I was some guy's that was standing next to us and he let me shoot his gun..I am was super cold as we were outside and my hands were so cold made it hard to shoot..but I did pretty good..then we picked up our new "used" washer and to follow..I had to share a photo of the kittehs..the above is Sunny snoozing on the sheep skin rug..but wait what is that lump under the rug...
why that would be Stewie aka as stewbert, stoogie houser...stewboo..he loves to rearrange my rugs for me..both he and his sister Lucy aka the goose..I think he might have been to warm so he hid under here..Hubby got this shot..what a little stinker..he is growing up so fast..still plays "nursey" with me..
here's Goose watching a video with me on line..its the one with the little bunny herding the sheep..she was loving it...
Okay here is the new "used" washer and first I wasn't liking the black on the top..but now I love it..they look kind of prim and go with the other black accents I have in here..and oh it is so quiet..I did 3 loads yesterday..I also love the door on the comes down instead of sidways..kind of like an extra shelf when I am pulling out stuff..I can fold as I go..and it is huge..very happy with our "freebie" the other two are on the back on the truck and hoping to find a new home..they are free..
I also reorganized my space on top of the dryer too..too many cleaning supplies I took the cabinet above on the far left and reorganized my cleaning supplys in there..the other side is food storage/canned goods etc..I also made more homemade laundry soap last week..
my friend Sarah from church gave me a primrose from her and the girls for Valentines day...I know where I will be planting My kids garden..(my pets that have passed on)..I have never seen a primrose like this right now i am enjoying it in my kitchen window..and hoping the cats leave it be..
I forgot to show you my other goodwill find..I love would look great painted black and distressed..a great little writing type desk..not sure I have room for it..but will probably sell it..what would you all use it for? and where would you put it..I would love to know..

I made this last how it turned out..right now I am making a "kerchief" in purple..then onto more hats..I am going to do our local farmers market on saturday and take down my hats, and coffee cozies and other items to sell..might be taking down the wooden thing above..great way to get my garage sale items in there a little at a time.:)
okay now for the "funnys" portion..facebook is a great place to find these pictures.:)

in other great news..just stepped on the scales..I am down 79 pounds now with 3 more to go...finally broke the plateau..I am thrilled...I feel amazing both mentally and physically..truly I do..I am doing the happy dance...our good pal Carmen of the prim cats Carmen is down 10 pounds now..she is rockin it too..;)well I see a walk in my future today..Tucker will be pleased..that is it for me today..hope you all have a great week ahead...I was surfing Pinterest today..oh I love that getting lots of neat ideas..I did alot of repinnings today..:)it was a good thing as Martha would say..:>)


  1. Love the cat funnies!!! Your red hat is awesome! Congrats on the weight loss....I fell off the wagon and need to start back. Have a great week, my friend.


  2. Gina~ what can I say~meow, meow,meow~ adorable & funny~
    thanks for the giggles~


  3. Love the funnies! Congrats on the new washer & dryer too! go over to Lil' Raggedy Angie's--YOU WON A GIVEAWAY!!!!! Claim it by Wednesday! Hugs! Happy Valentines Day to you tomorrow!!

  4. HI Gina, got my package today, THANK YOU! I love it all, I sent you an email, I already have plans for most it. Your kittehs are adorable! Hope you have a Happy Valentines Day.

  5. You crack me up with the funnies. I love Stewie, my cat is 9 this year and he still tries to do "nursey" with me. I don't think
    some cats grow out of it.
    I love your finds, the washer and dryer look
    so nice in your laundry room. And the school
    house desk, I got one at the Prudence Shop and
    I'm going to paint and distress it and I'm going to use it for the holidays with lots
    of greenery in it and some chalkware santas, or antique chocolate molds, you get the idea.
    The thing is huge so I was going to put in on my butcher block that I don't use, but then I thought the dining room table. I don't know,
    I think we need like a low dry sink or cupboard, maybe an old bureau primmed up and we could put them on top of one of those.

  6. Love the funnies and that video of the bunny herding the sheep is adorable! I like the black on the washer & dryer, fits in so well with your decor! Pinterest is TOO addicting, between it, the blogs and FB I don't get away from the computer at all, lol!!!

  7. Congrats to you girl! For both the weight loss and the win. Lucky day for you. I always enjoy your funnies.
    I think you will do well with your hats and coffee cozies at the Farmer's market.
    Thank you, thank you for all my wonderful swap goodies!

  8. Love your blog!!!!
    The cat pictures...well laughed my --- off!
    Where on earth do you find them???
    Thanks a Happy Valentines Day.

  9. Gina,
    I always love seeing the kitty photos.
    I nuts about them too.
    Congrats on the weight loss. You should be sooo proud!!

  10. Gina,
    Congrats on the weight loss...woo-hoo, only 3 more pounds to go!!
    I didn't lose any this week. Not being able to exercise right now is a real bummer. My hip is getting better, but right knee went out of place. It is the one that I had to have put back in place a couple of months ago. I'm now worried that it might just keep going out of place.
    You are making the cutest hats!! Sent you the design I made for you for the cozy.

  11. First sweet Gina I want to say...congratulations on our weight loss, you have done super terrific!! We would love it under that sheep skin that looks really snuggly. Nice looking washer and dryer. Mine have black on the top like that too. The primrose is gorgeous! That is a cute hat. I have no ideas for the little desk. Hugs for you and some nose kisses for the kitties!

  12. Happy Valentine's Day Gina!
    Celebrate! Young lady you have done fantasic only 3 more pounds to go...Doin the happy dance with ya!!
    I've done several desk like that one in prim..I'll shoot you off some pics of the ones I did..I'd find a place for it if you can they turn out really prety when finished.

    I too love the funnies they always make me laught..Today it was theone Do You See me... That is my Tasha kitty over and over..and theone in the funny even looked a bit like Tasha...she must have been off posing for Celeberty poses...LOL...

    Your hats are as I said before to adorable...

    thanks for stopping by and all the well wishes and prayers they are working!!

    Valentine Hugs