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Friday, February 10, 2012

PlaYinG CaTchUp..WhaT cAn I SaY?

Hello everyone!!! bet you all thought I had dropped off the edge of the earth didn't you? nope..just didn't feel like blogging..although I did hit your blogs everyday when you had posted...can't believe its been 10 days since I posted..I had my monthly doctors visit on the went my monthly bottle of pills to take..then I went shopping..hey I gotta do what a girls gotta do..since its a distance to go shopping I try to do it all in one I hit joanns, petsmart, and costco..The photo above is of our gorgeous spring like weather we had last week..oh my goodness it was soooooo stinking pretty out..took Tucker for a 5 mile walk last week..felt good..haven't walked in 2 days this week..but the weather is looking good we are going walking..I must warn you this is picture heavy as I am trying to catch you all up in one felled swoop!!
last week I got a wonderful package in the mail from Trace of Granny Traces Scraps and Squares.. she sent me this wonderful valentine package..more photos to follow as I didn't take any before photos so to speak..she sent me this wonderful scarf and I have worn it out on my walks everyday..I love love love the colors..Trace you made my day with the little yummy goodness you sent me.;) and today is her birthday so head over to wish her a happy day:)
oh and I almost forgot I hit goodwill too..haven't been out thrift shopping in a very long time..and I love this silver platter..I am going to paint it with chalkboard paint..any ideas to make sure it sticks? like how to clean and prep the suface..any hints would be appreciated.:)this platter is heavy too..I loved it..can't remember what I paid for it..
picked up some spoons so I can hammer in with my metal letters and make herb/veggie markers..they were 20 cents each..and I picked up the cute little cat bed to make some kittys sleeping in them..
bundt pans to make bird feeders or succulent holders for my plants..seen it on pinterest..oh how i love that site.;)
I picked up yarn at Joanns for my hats that I am crocheting..
got this wonderful americana basket at goodwill..its brand new..paid 2 bucks for little sister loves it will go and live with her for her birthday in July.;)

valentine window clings at joanns..
this past wednesday the 8th Michaels had their daily deal of yarn for 1.99 each..well I couldn't resist that I went nuts..I am having too much fun crocheting..and I love the colors..I haven't crocheted in a very long time and I just had a craving for I love hats again and wanted to make some for me and to sell..;)
I got some cute cupcake holders for a 1.50 each and some valentine sacks for little gifties.;0)
I love their $dollar area..actually its more like 1.50 area now..but i love these little note cards and pens..I also got some more crochet hooks for my projects..and I just got 3 more patterns on etsy today..I can't wait to make them..will be doing it tonight on the couch..
I cut up an old cutter quilt and made some hearts and embroidered on some of them..I love this quilt..:)
another package arrived the other day..a RAK from our good pal Linda of Parkers paradise..I was totally surprised by this..and love the sweet sentiment.;) thank you so much Linda for spreading love my way.:)
Well again another sweet package arrived for me..I saw this cute kitty in the window and asked Cyndy of craty stitchers if she would like to do a swap of sorts..cause I just had to have that sweet kitty for my kitchen..well she agreed..and she sent extra goodies..oh my gosh is all I can was like christmas at my house again..I love getting handmade goodies from you all and love decorating my home with them..they make my heart sing and make my home so much more cozy and inviting.;)
she personalized this for me by adding this stitching of my name on it..;)I just love these kittehs and they gooooo so well in my kitchen...(photos to follow)..)
I got an annie pincushion..I love this too..its in my sewing room;)
a great crow towel..some gum..I love this gum..and 2 wonderful candles
and two wonderful spools that I am decorating with right now till I make something with them.;)
These are the hats and neck warmer/scarves I am making..I made these last night..
this is a "cloche" hat..time consuming..but cute..

head bands..
more hats..this was all done this last past week..
My friend Jill came over for super bowl last sunday with her hubby Paul and two other guys..we had a great time..I was the only one rooting for the patriots..and we were soooo close..we had stuffed mushrooms..YUMMY!! hamburgers using our Omaha steaks burgers..they are #1 they are soooo wings from costco, garlica's guacamole with garlic and salsa, blue cheese dip, Ranch onion blue cheese dip, hot and sweet coleslaw (threw this recipe away..onions ruined it..tooo hot) and Love onions..but it just wasn't right..and I made the "knock you naked brownies from Pioneer woman..oh my gosh they were good and yes I did have one of them..sent the rest that weren't eaten to hubbys work..they were so decadent and hubby required 2 glasses of milk for his..anyway I made this hat for Jill and she is modeling it..

here are the headbands..this was the first one I had made..have worn it out for my walks and will do so again today.;O) if anyone is interested in my hats and want one..pick your color from my stash above and I will let you know pricing etc..

Okay here is my woolie heart and valentind kitty from Trace..oh I love these.they just made me can also see my candles from Cindy tucked in there..:)
I did some tweaking as I had to make room for all my goodies..I so love to just makes me happy inside..and it changes things up and makes them fresh and fun again.)I added my nectarine preserves to my hutch along with the wooden bobbins behind them..I love how this looks now...
Lindas cute little pillow on my step chair.:)
I also took down my "fall" curtains...

and put up my spring curtains...what do you think? changes the whole look doesn't it..thats Sun E can also see my vinyl hearts on the window..;)
isn't she a pretty girl...:)love that creamsicle kitteh.;)
here is where I put the crow it here with my quilt from Kimberly of my brown bag studio.:)that was a swap too I believe..:)
the little towel in the lower left corner moved from the blanket crane to here now..;)
and there you see my kitteh in my kitchen..I also moved my little framed stitchery (it was on the hutch where the nectarines are now) to looks so good here now too.:)well I thank you for staying here this long..sorry for the long post..will try to do better with posting more..has it been weird for any of you with blogging? just haven't been in the mood for it..but love reading though..I guess its because I spend tooo much time here..and haven't been doing anything else..I got some silly conversational cards with my omaha order and here is one for you to answer.."if you could be president for one day, would you? and what would you do?
I am doing the happy dance right now..I just got on the scales to see if I had lost anything this week..(will see how long it lasts)..I have 4 more pounds to reach goal..I am at 78 pounds losts.:) oh my gosh..I can't begin to tell you just how great I feel and this will sound silly to you all..but I have had copies of my medical records and have read what they post after they see me..and I hated seeing Obese on my chart..cause I guess I never thought I was..hows that for denial..well now they won't be writing that in my charts any longer..and that makes me fill so good..I love cooking and eating healthy..and its been a year now since I started this journey and am grateful for has been a slower process..but I have learned so much..and hope this is the last time I have to do it..3rd times a charm right? we are getting a new washer and dryer tomorrow..hubbys boss has a new one that has been in storage for keeping fingers crossed they work..our dryer works just fine..but our Maytag washer is the noisest thing on earth..I am surprised you all don't hear it when I start a load of laundry..seriously..I have to turn up the tv full blast when its running..won't buy another maytag..and we are organizing the upper portion of the garage tomorrow..going through decorations, stuff we have been holding onto for way too long and getting rid of stuff..might be doing an online garage sale..we shall see..anyway have a wonderful weekend and thanks as always for stopping by and saying hey..I love hearing from you.;)


  1. Hi Gina. You are looking fantastic. Boy, a 5 mile walk.....I think that would KILL me :)

    I just LOVE those hats you made and also the picture of your kitties at the top of your blog.

    Great pictures, thanks for sharing.

  2. I just love sun E bunny:) you got some great treasures there, love the kitchen kitty so cute! You have done an AWESOME job with the weight loss, I need to start walking when the weather warms up a bit! Hope you enjoy the weekend and don't stay away so long next time, you *know* I have Gina withdrawals;)

    1. well you know I have Carmen withdrawls too:) so keep blogging sista.)

  3. Oh my goodness girl.Yep that was the great catch up post.Love the kitties from Cyndy..sweet..So glad you are almost to goal with the weight loss.The headband hats are adorable,I have a bad habit of not putting anything on when I run out the door though...The president question Nope not me I wouldn't want the responsibility of everyone.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  4. Hi, Gina:
    I think you are one talented lady. I'm going to have to make arrangements with you to crochet little jackets for my bears when I start making them. Your work is beautiful!
    I love the things you got from everyone. And most of all I'm so happy for you that you are only 4 pounds away from your goal!

    1. Susan you are too sweet..I knitted a bunch of doll sweaters one time and some fit on my bears..I don't knit too much anymore and would need to find a crochet pattern for bears..unless you have one,:) I am hooked on making these hats and such..almost done with another as we relaxing.;)

  5. Mama looks purrfectly content in her new home, I am so glad that you liked everything. Your home looks great, I need to "spring" up my house. I haven't crocheted in years, I need to get back into it, I used to love it. Hope you have a great weekend. Cyndy

  6. Wow... I don't even know where to start!

    So I'm just going to go with the finish! Good for you for all that weight loss! I am so proud of you! You are my inspiration! I'm down 8 pounds! Woo hoo! I've been diligent about the gym! I think of you everytime I go! 5 days this week so far. I just love that hour I spend on the Treadmill!

    Carmen and the Primcats

    1. Carmen I am so proud of you for sticking to it and going this week even though you aren't seeing keep up the good work..and believe it or not when you started last were my inspiration..:)

  7. Replies
    1. its one of my favorite photos of my kittys all snoozing by the fire.;)

  8. Hi Gina,
    Congrats on the weight loss!! Yeah!!!...only 4 pounds to go!
    Love the hats you cute!!
    Great goodies that you got too!!

  9. Wow wonder you haven't been here for 10 days blogging... You have been so busy when would you have had time...Awesome to hear the Dr. appt went well and all is well.
    Triple Awesome on the 4 pounds to your goal... You have done such a great job and Like I've said in the past your healthly glow and wonderful smile and sparkling eyes tell al.. This new woman is one happy lady with herself and she deserves a big YeeHaa!!

    Now I'm not sure which I like better the Cream Kitty or the new one in your kitchen..goodness but they are both i can pick..

    Love the hats and scarves great job!

    Thanks for all your well wishes!

    Have a great weekend!


  10. Tonya, I love reading your always make me smile and I soooo appreciate the kind words..they really truly make my day.;) I do feel good and it is showing from all those that tell me..and I DO feel so feels good to get out and walk and being able to do it.;) have a great weekend.,;)

  11. Gina, love all the goodies from your friends. I love all the hats you have made. You have been pretty busy with all the crocheting going on. I crochet some, but never have attempted to make hats. I wish we still had spring like weather here, it snowed yesterday and the wind is blowing with wind chills near zero. Yuck, I hate cold weather. I don't mind the snow but hate the cold temps. Hope your Saturday is a productive one, I am sure it will be. You have plenty of yarn to keep you busy and the garage to clear.
    Country at heart

  12. Gina,

    First congrats on the weight loss and it does feel good to not see the word " obese" associated with oneself. Keep on towards your'll get there. Eating healthy and exercise will keep the weight off.

    Love the kitty Cyndy sent...too cute. Linda is such a sweetie with RAK's...such a generous the pillow and sentiment.

    Gotta say, that boy you can shop....I don't know how you do it.

    I am with you on clearing out stuff...seems like we all have too much of everything at times. I know I've gotta pare down too.

    Have a great day.


  13. Gina,
    What an inspiration you are!! 78lbs down, that is fantastic, actually that is just plain AWESOME!! Congratulations, you look amazing!!! I hope you have a special gift for yourself in mind when you reach your goal weight, you deserve it.

    I loved looking at all your treasures and your crocheted creation are lovely. Isn't crocheting so satisfying? It's relatively quick and you end up with a nice project in the end.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  14. thank you Tiff for the kudo's...I feel plain awesome and I have already been purchasing clothes throughout the that was my reward..:) oh I am having so much fun is really satisfying.;) have a great weekend too;)

  15. Boy oh boy! You are a busy gal! First off aren't you "jazzy" (as Caitlin says) in your hats! I love them. AND you look amazing! Your eyes are just sparkling! Love the ideas for the cake molds. I'm stealing that idea from you! and the spoon one too! The house looks so warm and cozy. I would want to sit and crochet with my kittys too! Love you!