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Monday, February 20, 2012

PleAsE ReMoVE bLoG VeriFiCaTiOn..& my DaY..:)

This has been copied from Carmen's blog (primcats)..I hate this thing..really hard to see these words..I am with her on this..won't leave comments any longer..too big of a pain..hope you all had a great monday..mine has been busy since I got out of bed at 8 am..cleaned house, pilates at 9:15am, walk for an hour in the woods with my friend and then took Tucker for his regular 2 mile walk cause I felt like it..loaded the wood box up..swept floors, swept front porch, threw away old shoes on front porch. went through the coat closet and got rid of some more stuff..put the chicken on the rotisserie (my george forman) haven't used it in a while..most a fire started.. mopped kitchen I am going to take a hot shower to take off the chill..dinner then relaxing on the couch watching tv and crocheting.;)..Have a wonderful evening and a great tuesday.:)

I'm begging... remove the word verification!!!!!!!

Happy Monday friends!

Have lots to talk about and catch up on but I have a favor to ask....

Please friends... please... I am begging you to remove the "prove your not a robot" thing off your blog. I promise... you don't need it.

It is a default blogger setting so unless you have turned it off... I bet you have it.

Blogger changed the look of it recently... the words are longer, there are two now and they are much much much much harder to read and I am tired of not being able to read it and spending minutes trying to leave comments because I can't figure out what in the world it says. My frustration level with the new word verification is through the roof and I will soon enough just stop commenting on blogs that have it.

****Added based on comments -And just read the comments below, I'm not the only one who won't be commenting on WV blogs.
In the three years I have been blogging a Spam Robot has never gotten through. Not to mention I have only ever gotten 5 spam and they have all been caught by blogger and dumped into my spam folder. And I am a relitively high traffic site with my email available right there on the right for bots to steal.

You just don't need the word verification!

*****Added in response to comments - No. I don't use comment moderation either. As you post a comment to go to my blog it goes. I do not approve them. And STILL a spam has never made it through! :)

Please Please Please remove this unnecessary feature from your blog and also repost this asking your fellow bloggers to remove it as well. You will lose comment's if you keep it there.

For instructions on how to remove it... plus how to remove other annoying features from your blog... go here:


  1. I got lots of spam after I took mine off so I put it back on. Sorry Charlie. :-)

  2. I'm going to trust Blogger (I am an idiot???)to catch all the bad stuff. I'm almost positive mine is off, I don't think I ever had WV on. Let me know PLEASE IF IT ISN"T OFF I will turn it off cuz I love to get comments. It makes me silly happy!!

  3. I am with you on that one Gina. I tried to leave a comment on someone's Blog this morning and I had a hard time making out the words, I tried typing them in 8 times, then I gave up.

  4. Hi Gina,
    I removed it from mine quite awhile back.
    I figured since I use the approve the comment feature, I really didnt need the verification.

    I have noticed the new one, and I HATE IT!!
    I agree it is too difficult to read.
    It takes FOREVER to post a comment.

  5. Hi Gina,
    I don't think my Wordpress blog has that on it. I am having trouble figuring out some of the letters with this new WV. Most of the blogs I read don't have it turned on...thank goodness.
    I lost 5 pounds on my first week back with Weight Watchers. So I'm doing the happy dance.
    Hugs to you, my friend.

  6. As much as I hate it, I'm leaving mine the way it is. Jeepers, the other day I had 6 spam emails within and hour and Blogger didn't catch any of them. I know it's a pain in the can. Heck, The other day I had to do it at least 4 times on someone's blog. Sure it's annoying but I really didn't mind. They were worth the trouble. ♥

  7. I hate that too, I give it one try, if I can't read it I quit trying and move on.
    Just the other night I thought I would try it just to see how many times I would need to pull up a new comment box to get one I could read. It took 8 tries to get a readable one I could use. SSSShhhhhheeeessssh!

  8. I just removed mine as I do approve comments. I do get spam, but if I have to approve, I don't see the point to keeping it there as I agree they are a pain.
    Thanks for the post.

  9. Gina, Your Monday sounds like mine with all the cleaning going on. I didn't get much accomplished in the sewing department. The Mr. was sick all afternoon. I agree with you gals on the word verification thing. When it was just one word at least you could read it. Now with two long words all jumbled up I can't make them out. It takes too long to sit there and try.
    Country at heart

  10. I hear you all on this one! I've had mine removed for some time, well at least I hope I have.
    Gina, your day sounded like you got so much accomplished. Love those kind of days.
    We got snow late yesterday afternoon, now the high winds-great driving conditions, NOT!

  11. I thought I had removed mine a long time ago, found out I hadn't. I have now. I agree, I have gotten tired of trying to make out the words and just not left a comment. Mine is removed now.

  12. Thanks for reposting GIna. I don't think any blogger should force their friends to jump through hoops just to leave them a comment. If they are worried about sap they can use comment moderation. Jump through hoops themselves instead of their friend. Ya know. :)

    Carmen and the Primcats

    1. I agree. There is enough to do in a days time without all the extras--especially unnecessary ones.

  13. I noticed how hard they were to read too, Gina. Very frustrating I still get comments from robots but they do go to my spam folder, as you said.

    Have a great day!

  14. thanks for supporting the effort to get everyone updated!!!!!

  15. I just tried to change mine but it doesn't give me the option of Word Verification? DO you know if I have it on mine. I have the new blogger format I wonder if that is why I don't have it.